Jefferson PUD Staff Recommendation to Install Smart Meters

To: PLVC Board
From: PLVC Utilities Committee
Subject: Jefferson PUD Staff Recommendation to Install Smart Meters
Date: November 21, 2017

The Utilities Committee met today with Jefferson PUD Commissioner Wayne King and Acting General Manager Kevin Streett, concerning the PUD staff’s recommendation to install new Itron Smart Meters replacing a “hodgepodge” of old and failing electric meters throughout the service territory. There is a small minority of customers organized as the Smart Meters Objections Group (SMOG) that have raised concerns and objections to moving forward with this project. Their concerns center upon privacy, radio frequency (RF) emissions, and other miscellaneous issues. We reviewed these issues and believe they have very little merit. This statement is based on the career backgrounds of several Committee members.

Kevin summarized for the Committee the advantages of installing the meters which included:

  1. More accurate meter readings. Many of the analog meters are up to 40 years old and are losing or have lost 1 – 3 percent accuracy. It is estimated that by installing the new smart meters, the PUD could realize an additional $1.1M revenue per year which is a conservative estimate. In addition, the old meters are failing by the hundreds per year. The PUD can’t keep up with the second hand purchasing of enough old meters needed to work in present system we inherited from    Note –  is there is not a current supplier for the older-style analog electric meters.
  2. The crew time to repair/replace meters is very costly and takes away time from other top priority
  3. The required staff time monthly is substantial to read meters. Also, two on-site visits to the subject property are required to disconnect and reconnect meters, due to moving, late bill payment, or when asked to do so by the Fire Department. Again – substantial staff time is
  4. The PUD currently is paying over $300K per year to an outside vendor for reading some meters. Implementing smart meters throughout the service territory would eliminate this
  5. The recommended smart meters will avoid the above problems as they will send information to PUD where meters can be read, and remotely turned off and on. Also, the individual customer can take better control of their electric usage and monitor via a website should they choose to do
  6. Most important is the automatic notification to the PUD of outages – a huge concern to the aging population of Port Ludlow. Installing smart meters will save crew time and reduce the response and length of outages. During a storm event, PUD crews can earn double or even triple overtime in an effort to restore

The above advantages of having the smart meters installed will save the PUD ratepayers somewhere between $1 million and $1.5 million per year. The cost of the new smart meters and installation would be amortized in less than three years if the project were implemented in a one-year timeframe. From a fiscal, operations, and efficiency standpoint it makes sense for the PUD to move forward with this project.

The Utilities Committee therefore recommends to the PLVC Board that the Board write an email to the three Commissioners ( recommending installation of the smart meters ASAP and that Port Ludlow Community would be glad to be first in line.

Enclosure: Article which appeared in The Leader on November 8, 2017.

Russ Michel
PLVC Utilities Committee Chair

(Note: This memo was approved unanimously at the Utilities Committee meeting on November 21, 2017)


The new Osprey trail gets better and better all the time. When the trail opened on May 5, 2017 it included 139 log steps. The trail now has a 182 steps and counting. Last Wednesday the Fun Day Trails crew installed an additional 35 steps and they did some shoring to make the trail safer. However, the trail still needs more work. The estimate is that an additional 30 to 40 steps are required plus more shoring of the trail sides.

You might wonder why we are putting so much effort into one trail. The answer is that this is a very special trail. When you hike this trail, which is surrounded by houses, it’s like you are in the deep woods. You can’t see any of the houses. You can only see the woods and in the winter the small stream that runs down the middle of the ravine.

At first, I also thought this was a trail too far, but I’m surprised at how many people have said that they love this trail. Yesterday, when I went back to review what we did (i.e., counting the log steps), I met a young man who said he walks this trail at lunch time every day.

This Fun Day crew (see below) did an excellent job making this trail a pleasure to walk. It’s not easy to carry the logs to where they are needed, dig out a place for each log and then secure the log with rebar. I wish to give a big thanks to the Fun Day crew below for making our trails better and better.

Happy Trails,

John Fillers
Trails Committee Chairman


LAST CHANCE before election day to ask about Proposition 1 and the Sheriff’s Petition for additional deputies.

November 2, 2017 @ 3:00 PM
Beach Club


  • County Commissioner Report, Kathleen Kler
  • County Department of Community Development (DCD) Report, David Wayne Johnson
  • PLA Developer Report, President Smeland
  • Community Interest Reports
    • Election Forum, October 9 – Pat Page
    • Emergency Management, Danille Turissini
  • Citizen Comments two (2) minutes each
  • PLVC Internal Reports/Actions
    • Secretary – Pat Page
      • September Minutes
      • October Minutes
      • Correspondence
    • Treasurer – October report – Paul Wynkoop
    • Finances Ad Hoc Committee, Bill Dean
    • Food Bank Donation, Gil Skinner


The following were elected to the Board of Directors and the Annual Meeting on October 5, 2017:
  • Paul Hinton
  • Pat Page
  • Caleb Summerfelt
  • Phyllis Waldenberg
  • Paul Wynkoop
And the Directors elected the following as officers:
  • Bill Dean – President
  • Tam McDearmid – Vice President
  • Pat Page – Secretary
  • Paul Wynkoop – Treasurer
Click on the following link to review the see the: PLVC Year in Review It summarizes the many and varied activities of the Council during the past year.

PLVC 2017!

The purpose of the PLVC as stated in our Article of Incorporation continues to be threefold: Be a unifying force by building consensus, maintain and preserve trails and open space, promote the general interests of the community. To accomplish those purposes, the past year has seen the settlement of the tree harvest dispute in conjunction with LMC

REGISTER TODAY! Emergency Prep Workshop Series for Vulnerable People.

The Port Ludlow Village Council Emergency Management Committee (PLVC-EM) will host STEPUP, a two-part “Special Training in Emergency Preparedness for Unique People”, on Monday, September 18, from 1pm-4pm, at the Beach Club, and 1pm-4pm, Wednesday, September 20, at the Bay Club. Unique people in this context are those with disabilities, Senior Citizens and the vulnerable population

Deb Reithmeyer, Program Coordinator for Jefferson County Department of Emergency Management (JCDEM), will facilitate the two-part workshop that will cover many unique topics, including sheltering in place, caring for your service animal or pet during a disaster, compiling your important documents prior to a disaster, among other related topics.

STEPUP is sponsored by the JCDEM and offered free of charge. However, seating is limited at both venues, so please pre-register today with Deb at or 360-344-9728 so she knows how many people to expect. There will be a drawing for a Stuffed Grab and Go Backpacks at each session, but you must be present to win.

Please CLICK HERE to learn more about how to get ready and/or help your neighbors to do the same by becoming a PLVC-EM volunteer.


Although the election is not until October 5, ballots will be arriving in the mail during the first week of September.  It is requested that residents return their ballot to the Bay or Beach Club as soon as possible.  Below are brief biographies of our neighbors who have volunteered to be on the Board.

Paul Hinton moved here from California after an extensive flying career with U.S. Air Force, American Airlines and Boeing.  He was involved in flying, management and training.  He also has a law degree and practiced as a trial attorney.

Pat Page is from California but moved here from the Azores off Portugal.  Her professional background was with the National Association of Music Merchants, promoting music in public schools and assisting her daughter and husband in family businesses.

Caleb Summerfelt is currently on the PLVC board and is running as an incumbent.  He grew up in Port Gamble and is currently the CIO and Director of Acquisitions for a fabrication/engineering company.

Phyllis Waldenberg moved here in 2003 from Seattle but her roots are in Montana.  Her professional experience is in interior design, real estate development, marketing and sales.  She has owned two houses in Port Ludlow and served on the Teal Lake Village board.

Paul Wynkoop arrived from Oregon but hails from Western Pennsylvania.  Experiences as a musician in the U.S. Navy were followed by an extensive career in human resources both in the private sector and the Air Force reserve.  He has significant volunteer experience in such organizations as Boy Scouts, United Way and Rotary, among others.

These candidates will join Bill Dean and Tam McDearmid as elected board members along with Randy Deering and Gil Skinner, appointed by virture of their positions as president of the LMC and SBCA. The current board of directors are quite pleased with the caliber of community residents whom have stepped up to serve.  “This slate combines strength from the past coupled with new ideas from a wide range of experiences and geographies,” according to PLVC Vice President, Tam McDearmid.


4:00 pm at the Bay Club – Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Keynote speakers:
Lynne Sterbenz, Director of Emergency Management for Jefferson County
Brad Martin – Fire Chief of Fire District-#3 –Port Ludlow
Pat Lohrey – Emergency Management Coordinator for South Bay
Ginny Munger – Emergency Management Coordinator for North Bay

And introduction of Port Ludlow’s new Director of Emergency Management:
Danille Turissini

Break Out Session Topics:
Grab and Go Supplies
Preparations for Special Needs Residents and Pets
Block Captain Liability Issues
FRS and HAM Radio Communication
Map Your Neighborhood

.…..and then……
Pizza and Prize Raffle

CLOSED SATURDAY JUNE 17th – Trail Nine Golf Course/Timberton Loop

Port Ludlow Fire & Rescue will be hosting a wildland firefighting training field day at the closed Trail Nine Golf Course/Timberton Loop trail on Saturday, June 17, beginning at 8 AM until 3 PM. The parking lot off Timberton Drive will be closed to the public to allow fire crews a place to stage their apparatus.

Any questions or concerns could be sent to Port Ludlow Fire and Rescue Chief Brad Martin At 360-437-2236.

Thank you for your cooperation and for allowing your fire service to use local properties for training purposes.