Timber Harvesting Update

At the mediation on January 27, 2016, Port Ludlow Associates (PLA) and Jefferson County agreed to the following joint statement:

“PLA and the County engaged in a day of negotiations regarding forest practices within the MPR; progress was made and the parties agreed to continue their discussions while maintaining the confidentiality that is inherent in the negotiation process.”

Bill Dean
PLVC Vice President


Rob Stern has been appointed Disaster Preparedness Director by the PLVC Board of Directors. Port Ludlow has been without a Director for almost a year and Mr. Stern brings significant experience to this role. He is the founder and principal of Defense Research, LLC, which develops advanced media for civil defense and emergency response information systems. He has developed a Citizens’ Emergency Response Guide which contains considerable disaster preparedness information and self-help articles. It can be accessed at www.911emg.com. The Port Ludlow Disaster Preparedness organization involves about 100 volunteers throughout the Community and its mission continues to be threefold:

  • Educate residents
  • Be a communications vehicle
  • Foster self-help when needed

Following a disaster, information can be radioed to Communications Centers at the Bay and Beach Clubs and then is relayed to Jefferson County Emergency Management and Port Ludlow Fire & Rescue. An updated Disaster Preparedness Plan will be developed by Mr. Stern along with assistance from North Bay Coordinator Joe Lanjiahr and South Bay Coordinator Pat Lohrey. The first event of the new organization will be a Community Preparedness presentation by the American Red Cross in March. Details to follow.