Recycling in Port Ludlow

Rumors and misinformation are swirling around our community regarding recycling. The current and correct information is available at the County’s Solid Waste Website.
  1. Recycling is not going away.
  2. Recycling markets are international, and changes in Chinese policy have affected recycling programs, especially on the west coast of the United States. These changes have affected mostly mixed paper and plastic collection markets, but thus far we are not impacted.
  3. Contamination reduces and even eliminates the market value of recycled materials. Waste in Jefferson County is less contaminated that most due to multi-stream recycling and this helps our situation locally.
  4. Follow the County Guidelines on the County’s Recycling Flyer.
  5. County officials, their partners, and the Solid Waste Advisory Commission will advise us regarding any changes needed in recycling practices.
  6. The best source of information is the regularly up-dated county web site at
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The purpose of the PLVC as stated in our Article of Incorporation continues to be threefold: Be a unifying force by building consensus, maintain and preserve trails and open space, promote the general interests of the community. To accomplish those purposes, the past year has seen the settlement of the tree harvest dispute in conjunction with LMC


Jefferson County has a state-mandated Solid Waste Disposal Plan that includes recycling. You can learn more by clicking  HERE. The Bins located in our Village Center are drop-off locations that are part of that plan. Skookum is the contractor for recycling the materials left in those bins. Skookum employs veterans and handicapped persons to service these bins, for the items accepted at the bins please click HERE.

  • You can learn about curbside recycling and trash services offered by Murrey by calling 360-385-6612
  • Electronics Recycling is explained HERE
  • Reuse sites are listed HERE and HERE


After 14 years of guiding the Port Ludlow Recycling operation at the Village Center, Steve Failla is hanging up his broom. He and his wife Elin are moving to Gig Harbor to a new home they have just purchased. Steve took the recycling operation from its infancy to the smooth running operation we have today. Over the years he has worked with the County and the contractor and provided us with instructions, lists, posters and presentations on how, why, where and what should be involved in the recycling area. It is with very mixed feelings that we bid him farewell and offer our heartfelt thanks.

Austin Kerr has agreed to replace Steve as the Recycling Chair. Although he has only resided in Port Ludlow full time for the past couple of years, Austin and his wife Rita were condo owners in North Bay since 2004. Austin retired from The Ohio State University after 39 years in the history department. The PLVC Board of Directors welcome him as a Committee Chair and appreciate his willingness to step up to assist in this valuable community service.

Questions on Recycling can be emailed to Austin through the following form:


The Skookum management alignment has changed.  One result is that our communication opportunities with Skookum Recycling have, to date, been sharply reduced. When calling, Instead of talking with one of the managers at the recycling facility, the call goes directly to Skookum’s main office in PT to the facilities manager for all six Skookum branches in Jefferson County, Recycling being only one of them.

Asking about Skookum’s Port Ludlow Recycling problems were, her responses were not surprisingly largely identical to our continuing chronic problems.

  • Too many people do not break down their cardboard boxes.   They now most usually place two bins at our site.   Foam packing included with the cardboard can destroy the recyclability of the contents.
  • Household trash and garbage is dumped on the ground or in the mixed plastics and cans bin. There are too many plastic clamshell food trays and plastic cups put into this bin.  They are not recyclable and must be cull, ed out..  The do’s and don’ts are plainly posted on the bins.
  • Commercial users too frequently fill up the bins in these residential recycling sites.   They should take their recyclables directly to the Jacob Miller Rd. Facility.
  •  Jefferson County eliminated their fund earmarked for investigations of gross misuse of the recycling facilities.  (I was not aware of the county being very active in such investigations.)
  • Skookum stopped using their tandem two bin hauling rig.  While it reduced the number of trips, it made the on and off transfers and staging at the sites a lot more difficult.
  • An impediment to efficient bin transfers at the PL site is the cars of recyclers parked proximal to the bins.  (some other sites are gated.)   I illustrated a means of reducing but not eliminating the traffic problem at our site.