CLOSED SATURDAY JUNE 17th – Trail Nine Golf Course/Timberton Loop

Port Ludlow Fire & Rescue will be hosting a wildland firefighting training field day at the closed Trail Nine Golf Course/Timberton Loop trail on Saturday, June 17, beginning at 8 AM until 3 PM. The parking lot off Timberton Drive will be closed to the public to allow fire crews a place to stage their apparatus.

Any questions or concerns could be sent to Port Ludlow Fire and Rescue Chief Brad Martin At 360-437-2236.

Thank you for your cooperation and for allowing your fire service to use local properties for training purposes.



These can be loaded to your cell phone as an app as well as to your computer. Click on MAPS and click on the one you want to see.


The Port Ludlow trails were originally built for Port Ludlow residents to hike, but the Trails/Natural Resources Committee has selected some that are wide enough to accommodate both bikers and hikers safely.

If you are a biker, or the parent of a biker, please be sure that you/they use only those trails specifically designated for biking.

Trail courtesy is of the essence! Dog Walkers, please do not forget to pick up after your pet and take the doggie bag home with you for proper disposal!


Tuesday, March 14, 4pm, Bay Club

Olympic Resource Management (ORM) has received a permit from the Washington Department of Natural Resources (DNR) to harvest 163 acres in four parcels around Teal Lake south and outside of the Master Planned Resort. This harvest is call the Mr. Rogers cut and will commence in the next month. A map showing the area to be harvested is attached. Some of Port Ludlow’s Trails will be closed during the harvesting.

PLVC will host Adrian Miller, Manager of Policy and Environment for ORM, to hold an informational meeting to advise the community the details of the harvest. The activities following the harvest will also be outlined.

All residents of Port Ludlow are invited to attend.

Bill Dean
President, PLVC


With the signing of the Settlement Agreement on December 19, 2016, between Jefferson County and Port Ludlow Associates (PLA), the mission of the PLVC Ad Hoc Timber Harvest Committee has been fulfilled. There are monitoring activities that need to be conducted by the community, but maintaining a committee for that purpose is not necessary.

Therefore, the PLVC Board of Directors voted at its March 2, 2017, meeting to disband the Ad Hoc Tree Harvesting Committee and to assign all monitoring of harvesting activities to the Community Development standing committee.


Here we are in this lovely, idyllic place. It’s hard to think about disasters to which we are subject –earthquakes, fires, tsunamis, and hazardous material spills. Your Emergency Management Organization has been encouraging you to get prepared to support yourself for 3 weeks due to our relatively remote location. Well, it’s a little like eating an elephant… bite at a time.

Join us on March 9 from 1:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. at the Bay Club and we will finally fill you in on the details of how to go about preparing for that which we hope will never happen. After most disasters, it has been found that the people who are impacted the least are the ones who had prepared ahead of time. Our speakers are prepared to provide you with new and updated information from the American Red Cross that will increase your chances of surviving most any widespread emergency situation.

In addition, but directly related, the Citizens for Safe Students will have Emergency Subsistance Kits available for a donation of $22. Each kit will provide one person with food and water for three days and from each donation a kit will be provided to the Chimacum Schools for a student there. Bring cash, check or credit card to help out the kids as well as yourself.

This event is open to all Port Ludlow Residents!

Bill Dean
Acting Chair, PLVC Emergency Management Committee


Jefferson County has a state-mandated Solid Waste Disposal Plan that includes recycling. You can learn more by clicking  HERE. The Bins located in our Village Center are drop-off locations that are part of that plan. Skookum is the contractor for recycling the materials left in those bins. Skookum employs veterans and handicapped persons to service these bins, for the items accepted at the bins please click HERE.

  • You can learn about curbside recycling and trash services offered by Murrey by calling 360-385-6612
  • Electronics Recycling is explained HERE
  • Reuse sites are listed HERE and HERE


Due to the numerous postings on Nextdoor about Arsenic in recent days, OWSI has provided the following information:

The portion of the Port Ludlow water system that supplies South Bay and customers in North Bay East and South of Oak Bay Road are served by blended water from Wells 14 and 16. This blending is done because Well 14 has a higher level of Arsenic and blending it with water from Well 16 results in water that is below the Washington State Department of Health maximum contamination level of 10 parts per billion (ppb). Other customers, in North Bay, are served by wells that do not have higher levels of Arsenic.

OWSI samples the blended water from Wells 14 and 16 on a quarterly basis and the laboratory submits the results directly to the State. Over the past year, the sample results are as follows:

Average 8.4 ppb
2016 March 5.9 ppb
May 9.6 ppb
September 8.1 ppb
November 9.0 ppb
2017 January (Private Sample) 8.0 ppb

OWSI has prepared an information sheet on Arsenic which can be accessed by going to UTILITIES COMMITTEE PAGE. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact Larry Smith, OWSI President at 360-437-8246. The State Department of Health recommends if you have any concern about health risks, you should seek advice from your health provider.

Douglas Huber, Chair
PLVC Utilities Committee


By reviewing additional old records, the PLVC has found documentation that any funds not used will be returned on a prorata basis.” The records are incomplete regarding the list of donors. We have some indications in the PLVC Minutes, some envelopes with amounts written on them and some recollections from directors at the time.

The funds not used total $3,645 of the $52,700 that was contributed. That means that the amount to be returned would be 6.92% of the amount contributed. Said another way, if someone had contributed $100, they would now be eligible to receive a $6.92 refund.

PLVC will be happy to refund monies based on this calculation. If you would like a refund, please contact us by clicking HERE. We will research what records we do have or will ask that you provide some documentation of your contribution. Documentation does not need to be a cancelled check or anything overly formal, but a listing from a check register or something similar.

If you do not advise us by March 15, 2017, that you would desire a refund, we will be consolidating the remaining balance into operating funds of PLVC which will be used in fulfillment of our mission to be a unifying force within the Community.

Yours truly,
Bill Dean, President


After 14 years of guiding the Port Ludlow Recycling operation at the Village Center, Steve Failla is hanging up his broom. He and his wife Elin are moving to Gig Harbor to a new home they have just purchased. Steve took the recycling operation from its infancy to the smooth running operation we have today. Over the years he has worked with the County and the contractor and provided us with instructions, lists, posters and presentations on how, why, where and what should be involved in the recycling area. It is with very mixed feelings that we bid him farewell and offer our heartfelt thanks.

Austin Kerr has agreed to replace Steve as the Recycling Chair. Although he has only resided in Port Ludlow full time for the past couple of years, Austin and his wife Rita were condo owners in North Bay since 2004. Austin retired from The Ohio State University after 39 years in the history department. The PLVC Board of Directors welcome him as a Committee Chair and appreciate his willingness to step up to assist in this valuable community service.

Questions on Recycling can be emailed to Austin through the following form:


 1. The PLVC has maintained $3,645.00, in a separate Iron Mountain Quarry (IMQ) checking account since November 1, 2012. This represents 6.92% of the $52,700.00, of the known PLVC IMQ activity funding.

2. The Board of Directors has not found any records indicating any directions or requests from contributors about how any unspent funds should be used.

3. Accordingly, unless sufficient documentation is provided to the Board by March 15, 2017, establishing that the funds were contributed on the condition that unspent amounts were to be refunded to the contributors or otherwise used in some specified way, and establishing that any particular contributors are entitled to a particular refund or to some other particular disposition of the remaining unspent funds, then the Board will assume that those funds are not subject to special restrictions on use and will apply those funds to whatever PLVC purposes the Board deems appropriate.