Due to the numerous postings on Nextdoor about Arsenic in recent days, OWSI has provided the following information:

The portion of the Port Ludlow water system that supplies South Bay and customers in North Bay East and South of Oak Bay Road are served by blended water from Wells 14 and 16. This blending is done because Well 14 has a higher level of Arsenic and blending it with water from Well 16 results in water that is below the Washington State Department of Health maximum contamination level of 10 parts per billion (ppb). Other customers, in North Bay, are served by wells that do not have higher levels of Arsenic.

OWSI samples the blended water from Wells 14 and 16 on a quarterly basis and the laboratory submits the results directly to the State. Over the past year, the sample results are as follows:

Average 8.4 ppb
2016 March 5.9 ppb
May 9.6 ppb
September 8.1 ppb
November 9.0 ppb
2017 January (Private Sample) 8.0 ppb

OWSI has prepared an information sheet on Arsenic which can be accessed by going to UTILITIES COMMITTEE PAGE. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact Larry Smith, OWSI President at 360-437-8246. The State Department of Health recommends if you have any concern about health risks, you should seek advice from your health provider.

Douglas Huber, Chair
PLVC Utilities Committee