The purpose of the PLVC as stated in our Article of Incorporation continues to be threefold: Be a unifying force by building consensus, maintain and preserve trails and open space, promote the general interests of the community. To accomplish those purposes, the past year has seen the settlement of the tree harvest dispute in conjunction with LMC and SBCA; completion of the new Osprey Trail; reinvigoration of the emergency management and utility committees; consensus building meetings for recommendations to Jefferson County regarding roadway safety; while maintaining holiday lights, the welcome event, and monitoring of Ludlow Bay. A significant increase in the use of our eBlast system, again in conjunction with LMC and SBCA, has resulted in communications getting to more residents in a timely manner as events occur within and surrounding the community which are of general interest or could pose a health or disturbance risk.

The Directors did not do all this by themselves. There are over 70 residents of the community who participate as committee members. These make up the PLVC Honor Roll and are listed under each committee in the following write- ups. They are the reason that we have a Village in the Woods, By the Bay!

Whether it is cutting in new trails, maintaining trails that already exist, setting up meetings to help us have emergency preparedness or welcome new residents to the wide range of community organizations, along with a myriad of other activities. It is those Honor Roll folks who get it done. We all owe them a hearty THANK YOU!

Our financial situation has changed somewhat over the past year.

Cash Assets (10/1/2016) $35,817
Income (Donations) 7,267
Expenses 15,825
Cash Assets (9/30/2017) $27,258

The PLVC has fixed overhead commitments of over $7,000 to support the Voice, provide liability insurance, maintain storage space, and perform the annual requirements of an election to retain our corporate not-for-profit and tax-exempt status.

This year a deliberate focus was made to financially reinvigorate the Emergency Management Block Captain Program, enhance the PLVC archives, enhance the Constant Contact eBlast system, improve Holiday Lights, refund donors who wished their unused IMQ legal fund contributions and support Movie Night.

How does the PLVC financially support its annual operations and programs? Donations are the only source of income and they are encouraged so current and additional programs can continue.

Administration – Tamra McDearnid, chair

Committee Members – David Jurca, Dave McDearmid, Mike Nilssen

  • Monitor status & adequacy of PLVC insurance coverage
  • Yearly review of Articles of Incorporation, Bylaws, and Policies & Procedures
  • Organize Board yearly election
  • Provide Committee reports to Board as indicated by current Committee Report Schedule

2017-18 Committee Goals

  • Review Election format, produce comprehensive methodology for Policies & Procedures
  • Review Policies & Procedures, identify items requiring update and bring into compliance with Articles & Bylaws

2017 Accomplishments

  • Obtained affordable Liability & Officers & Directors Insurance
  • Reviewed & edited Disaster Preparedness under consideration and use within the Port Ludlow community
  • Reviewed Jefferson County’s Emergency Management handbook entitled Think, Plan, Do, Repeat! Document approved by board, now being distributed by Emergency Management committee
  • Roadway Safety Project – This project has both written and visual (Power Point) elements, It will be presented October 2017 to Jefco, including a Commissioner, Co. Administrator, and Public Works
  • “Free Games for Pirate Prizes” – theme of the PLVC Game Booth at free outdoor Movie Night Aug 27th, Council & family members assisted wo/manning the games. A huge success, will be repeated next year with new theme (by popular demand of 185 participants).

Communications/Archives – Caleb Summerfelt, chair

Another busy year with new PLVC Website going live…

  • 2017 has had 4201 unique views
  • The most commonly visited posts have been:
    • Why a Village Council?”
    • Emergency Management committee page
    • Teal Lake Trail is Open
  • The PLVC eBlast system:
    • On average sends about 783 emails
      • 52% open rate
      • 46% opened on mobile devices
      • 54% opened on desktops
    • The Port Ludlow Village Archive
      • Transferred to a new domain,
      • The downtime over the last several years has been resolved,
      • The original domain was hacked, site had been storing inappropriate material for foreign countries
      • By the end of 2017 the Archive will be rebuilt

Community Development – Dave Jurca, chair

Committee Members: Karen Best, Brian Belmont, Mike Boock, Bill Dean, Tracy Gordy, Dick Grieves, Pat Lohrey, Mike Nilssen, Larry Nobles, Dana Perrick, Mark Torres, Art Zoloth

Community Development has been reconstituted. Its primary focus for the next year will be on the long-term future of the Port Ludlow community, including

  • working with the county on the new comprehensive plan insofar as it relates to Port Ludlow,
  • improving communications with PLA plans for residential & commercial center development, golf course and marina,
  • addressing with PLA what should happen to the vacant land that

PLA may still own within the Port Ludlow MPR when PLA reaches the permissible limit on further development (number of MERUs), or otherwise completes its development activities,

  • monitoring water & sewer issues (along with PLVC’s Utilities Committee) affecting the community’s long-term future, and
  • monitoring future development outside Port Ludlow MPR (but affecting the MPR, such as Pope’s plans for development of Tala Point).

Emergency Management – Danille Turissini, director

Committee Members: Pat Lohrey, Ginny Munger, Jay Bakst, Tink Green and Bill Dean

The PLVC-Emergency Management Committee (PLVC-EM) has been reinvigorated this year with the appointment of a new director and a significant increase in community awareness and participation. In June, the PLVC-EM hosted is first annual Block Captain Fair that was attended by 87 and resulted in several Port Ludlow residents signing up as neighborhood block captains. This in turn has kept our Block Captain Coordinators, Pat Lohrey in South Bay and Ginny Munger in North Bay, very busy offering their specialized trainings to equip captains with the tools and resources to effectively prepare their neighbors. We are pleased that Jefferson County Department of Emergency Management (JDEM) provided copies of their booklet, to our emergency preparation toolbox.

As a follow-up to the Fair, the PLVC-EM hosted a two-part STEPUP training in emergency preparation for vulnerable residents. Meanwhile, as Community Outreach Coordinator Jay Bakst is fortifying the connections we have with our outlier communities and Tink Green is priming the PLVC-EM network for the Great Washington Shake UP, a collaborative exercise with County, State and FEMA organizations which is intended to fine tune our FRS and HAM radio communications.

The result of these activities, coupled with the PLVC-EM team making the most of opportunities to actively participate in community events, is an increase in our collective preparedness and resiliency.

Holiday Lights – Dave McDearmid, chair

Committee Member:  Terry Umbreit

The Holiday Lights were again enjoyed by the community last winter.

As planned, the committee fabricated purpose-built power supply cords with a generous discount for materials provided by Platt Electric Supply to keep us on budget. The new supply cords significantly reduced (but did not eliminate) GFI trippings and provided a far more dependable display.

The lights were placed in the trees in late fall with assistance from the fire department, community volunteers and WAVE Broadband. They were removed in early spring with the assistance of community volunteers and WAVE Broadband. Both activities were made safer with the use of Highway Specialties of Port Hadlock, who provided traffic control services.

The installation and removal of the lights went much quicker this year as a result of the tree pruning by Jefferson County. We appreciate the community volunteers who have assisted in this effort and look forward to continued support.

Maritime – Phil Otness, chair

Two additional 5mph signs were installed on pilings closest to open water which has helped with the number one problem in the Bay: speeding. One cruiser was notified that he had overstayed the 30-day limit, they departed shortly thereafter.

Recycling – Austin Kerr, chair

Jefferson County continues to promote recycling, which reduces landfill costs and our environmental footprint. Routine household recycling occurs either through residential pick up by the trash-hauling service, or with use of drop- off bins in the Port Ludlow Village Center.

The rules for drop-off recycling are clearly posted on the bins. Common violations are failure to flatten cardboard, leaving packaging materials on cardboard, depositing contaminated cardboard (e.g., pizza boxes), and clam- shell plastic containers. Servicing the bins is impeded by vehicles parked outside of designated, lined spots.

The county also offers hazardous waste disposal at its main site on Jacob Miller Road and during limited hours in Port Townsend. Occasionally, hazardous waste disposal in Port Ludlow is announced.

Jefferson County also provides information regarding the recycling of items such as clothing and rags offered by private agencies.

County policies and other information is provided on the Jefferson County web site. The PLVC web site ( includes links.

Roadway Safety, ad hoc – Steve Frenzl, chair

Committee Members: Bill Dean (PLVC), Mike Nilssen (LMC), Dick Meryhew (SBCA), Doug Huber (Trails), Allan Kiesler (Community Member at Large), Sally Franzel (Walkers & Hikers)

The committee was established by PLVC on September 1, 2016. Supporting organizations include: PLVC, SBCA, LMC, Timberton Village HOA, PL Trails, Chimacum/Port Townsend Schools Transportation Department and Port Ludlow Associates.

The committee has completed a list of safety concerns throughout the Port Ludlow MPR and produced a presentation for JefCo Public Works that illustrates issues and recommends resolution. Critical needs include: 1) reduction in speed limits on Paradise Bay Road & Oak Bay Road, 2) increased enforcement, 3) various traffic-calming measures, 4) installation of crosswalks and signage at all trail crossings.

The committee will meet with county representatives (Public Works, Sheriff’s Department and District 3 Commissioner) October 13 to present Port Ludlow’s concerns and needs. We expect that Public Works will require engineering studies to address some roadway issues, therefore remediation will likely occur over many months. Also, due to limited county funds, grants and contributions will be necessary to help accomplish our safety goals. We acknowledge that the final plan will be a combination of agreement and compromise by all parties.

Timber Harvesting, ad hoc – Bill Dean, chair

Committee Members: Larry Nobles, Jeff Welker, Mike Nilssen and Glenn Waldenberg

Tree harvesting within the Master Planned Resort (MPR) between May 2014 and April 2015 was addressed. Committee members, in concert with members of similar committees from SBCA and LMC, worked closely with County representatives to reach a settlement. That settlement was signed on December 19, 2016. The agreement addresses the overarching concern that there be appropriate restrictions on future timber harvesting within the MPR. The spirit of the agreement eliminates commercial tree harvesting in the MPR for the sake of profit, provides protections of the Open Space Reserves and non-OSR parcels while allowing responsible cutting in support of the completion of the MPR’s development.

Trails & Natural Resources – John Filler, chair

Committee Members: Denny Schuch, Soozie Darrow, Tom Satterlee, Beth Ely and Larry Nobles

Trails Committee provided its routine trail maintenance such as mowing, removing minor obstructions, remedying drainage issues, addressing encroachment growth from berry bushes, and cleaning local bird houses. The Trail Committee receives funding from LMC, SBCA, PLA and PLVC.

In addition, by the end of Sept 2017,

  • the connector between the Olympic Terrace II Trail and the Department of Natural Resources Trail (DNR) was completed,
  • early in 2017, the Timberton Trail was rerouted to avoid Timberton Drive and new signage added,
  • with the completion of the Osprey Trail, long-time chair, Larry Scott, retired and John Fillers became chair of the committee while Denny Schuch became the Natural Resources Chair,
  • an annual Scotch Broom pull was conducted and new Hiking and Biking Maps were produced,
  • following the Olympic Resource Management harvesting near Teal Lake, the trail there was reflagged and opened in August,
  • steps were added to Around the Bay and Picnic Point

Utilities – Russ Michael, chair

Members:  Phil Franzel, Phil Otness and Bill Dean

The Committee worked with Olympic Water and Sewer (OWSI) to communicate with the community on the issue of arsenic in the water supply. Levels tested do not exceed regulatory limits. Similar communications were developed regarding sewer plant upgrades that were made after system failures the previous year. The Department of Natural Resources (DNR) has advised OWSI of a significant increase in rental cost for the sewer system outlet pipe in Admiralty Inlet. The Committee has been working with OWSI to understand how this will be evaluated and ways to communicate the financial impact to the community.

Welcome Committee – Janice Chaimberlain & Stephanie Hew, co-chairs

Committee Members: Jamie Bima, Mary Ellen Merryhew, Barbara Berthiaume, Brian Belmont, Clydene Lloyd, Heidi Johnson, Jan Knodle, Barbara Nobles, Sandy Rothwell, Kathy Larkin, Kris Stapleton, Barbara Sexauer, Mark Torres, Fran Bodman, Nancy Keisler, Bill Dean, Lynn Lemieux, Fran Gauer, Bill Lazarus, Sue Cruzan and Shirley Fleming.

Welcome Committee, established by PLVC in Aug 2013. Mary Ellen Merryhew now coordinates on the South Bay. Jaime Bima and the North Bay Lot Owners Association continue to handle welcoming new residents in North Bay.

The annual Welcome Event on Aug 3rd had 44 organizations represented, and over 100 in attendance with positive feedback. Publicity by flyers and eBlasts worked very well. Inadequate parking was the biggest issue and will be addressed next year. The event was sponsored by LMC, SBCA and PLVC