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The purposes of the program are threefold; first, to educate residents on preparedness, second, to be a communications vehicle and third, to facilitate self-help in the event of a disaster.

A disaster is a natural or man-made event (such as a storm, earthquake, wildfire or explosion) that could result in one or more of the following conditions: (a) causes substantial property damage and/or serious injuries to residents; (b) shuts down the telephone system; (c) results in extended power outage and/or (d) disrupts transportation.   Other emergencies such as smaller scale house fires or auto accidents are handled by the Fire Department through calling 911.

There are over 100 trained volunteer neighborhood Block Captains who are coordinated by North Bay or South Bay Emergency Management Coordinators.  In addition there is a CERT Coordinator and Radio/HAM Coordinators.


The Captains develop a roster of residents identifying special skills and any that have special needs or limitations.  In addition they distribute preparedness information which would include encouraging each residence to have their own preparedness plan, having a supply of food, water and other essentials to subsist independently for at least three weeks.


A Family Radio System (FRS, formerly called CB) radio communication system linking 34 separate Port Ludlow neighborhoods with the South and North Bay Communications Centers located at the Bay and Beach Clubs.    In the event of a disaster, the Captains survey their neighborhood and relay critical needs to the Communication Centers which also have a FRS Base radio station.  The Communication Centers then relay appropriate information to the Jefferson County Emergency Management or Jefferson County Fire and Rescue.


After communicating the situation in their neighborhood, the Captains will organize uninjured neighbors to provide basic help to others who are in need.  In addition, there are certified Community Emergency Response Teams (CERT) throughout the community who are trained to provide more in depth assistance in disaster situations.

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If you are interested in more information about Port Ludlow’s Emergency Management Committee or if you would like information on your Block Captain, please feel free to contact us!