Please note: this event was on September 15 2018, the PowerPoint has been attached: CLICK HERE
When preparing for a major disaster it’s always a good idea to think about your everyday life and how we depend on these utilities for daily living. For example, think about how inconvenient things are when the power goes out for a couple of days. Even the simplest of tasks becomes a major effort. Now, think about what would happen in a major disaster when these assets are suddenly taken away, indefinitely. We will not only need to survive the disaster, but also quickly reorganize our lives to thrive in very challenging conditions in order to reduce our stress and aid those less fortunate.

This is why the Port Ludlow Fire & Rescue (PLFR), PLVC Emergency Management, Jefferson County Department of Emergency Management (JCDEM) Emergency Operations (EOC), and Jefferson County Neighborhood Prep (NPREP) are coming together for this very important event, to provide our residents with the benefit of knowing how to prepare for a disaster on every level. Individual residents knowing how to manage utilities before and after a disaster will be key to our entire community’s level of resiliency.

Here’s a preview of what you will learn at the symposium:

  • How to make your utilities more resistant to disasters, thereby protecting and preserving what will become some of our most valuable survival assets
  • Ways to reduce the risk of fire and injury from utility damage
  • Steps to make your utilities easier to adapt for emergency use
  • What utility restoration may look like in terms of time and governmental emergency response from air, land and sea
  • Air lifting in LP (liquefied petroleum) gas bottles, etc.
  • Ideas on how to restore as much functionally as possible for daily routine communication, lighting, cooking, bathing, washing, sanitation and heating.  Examples of what daily cooking or just taking a warm shower might look like.
  • Some ideas on organizational models for neighborhoods to improve post disaster life.