The Skookum management alignment has changed.  One result is that our communication opportunities with Skookum Recycling have, to date, been sharply reduced. When calling, Instead of talking with one of the managers at the recycling facility, the call goes directly to Skookum’s main office in PT to the facilities manager for all six Skookum branches in Jefferson County, Recycling being only one of them.

Asking about Skookum’s Port Ludlow Recycling problems were, her responses were not surprisingly largely identical to our continuing chronic problems.

  • Too many people do not break down their cardboard boxes.   They now most usually place two bins at our site.   Foam packing included with the cardboard can destroy the recyclability of the contents.
  • Household trash and garbage is dumped on the ground or in the mixed plastics and cans bin. There are too many plastic clamshell food trays and plastic cups put into this bin.  They are not recyclable and must be cull, ed out..  The do’s and don’ts are plainly posted on the bins.
  • Commercial users too frequently fill up the bins in these residential recycling sites.   They should take their recyclables directly to the Jacob Miller Rd. Facility.
  •  Jefferson County eliminated their fund earmarked for investigations of gross misuse of the recycling facilities.  (I was not aware of the county being very active in such investigations.)
  • Skookum stopped using their tandem two bin hauling rig.  While it reduced the number of trips, it made the on and off transfers and staging at the sites a lot more difficult.
  • An impediment to efficient bin transfers at the PL site is the cars of recyclers parked proximal to the bins.  (some other sites are gated.)   I illustrated a means of reducing but not eliminating the traffic problem at our site.