Sat., February 2, 2019, from 2:00 pm to 5:00 pm, at the Beach Club.

When the Lights Go Out Presentation

Port Ludlow has experienced quite a few windstorms and subsequent power outages this winter. WHAT IF our next outage isn’t due to a windstorm or other short-term cause, but is the result of a catastrophic disaster that knocks out power indefinitely, for months?

This is a very real concern because many of our neighborhoods are all electric or a combination of propane gas and electric. What do we do if power is interrupted for the long term? What can individuals or neighborhoods do to prepare for communication, heating and cooking without normal utility power?

All these questions and more will be answered at “When the Lights Go Out” seminar, presented by Mark Bauserman, and associates. Mark is a volunteer with the Jefferson County Department of Emergency Management and a member of the Local 2020 Jefferson County Neighborhood Prep (NPREP) Committee.

The seminar, hosted by the PLVC Emergency Management (PLVC-EM) and sponsored by the LMC, will be offered free of charge. Seating is limited. Registration is not required, but those who do register will be guaranteed a seat. Register today at

If you’re planning to attend, please come prepared with knowledge of the size of your electrical service (found on the main breaker of the household electrical panel) and the size of any liquid propane tanks you might have serving appliances, such as hot water, dryers, stove, heating or fireplace. Please email if you have questions or need more information about the seminar.

Please email if you have questions or need more information about the seminar.