Well, we did it, we finally got a start on the approved Osprey Trail. The full background would bore you but suffice it to say we needed to get our proposed span across the seasonal drainage ditch by 1 July to meet a WA Dept. of Fish /Wildlife requirement. On Thursday 6/9 a dedicated crew hauled in the necessary tools  (@ ¼ mile through uncleared brush) to cut up a 2 foot diameter fallen hemlock and install a split 10 foot section of it at the optimum crossing site. This was not the usual 2-hour Fun Day Trails effort, it turned out to be 4 ½ hours but the end result is a very solid and wide crossing.  We will return to develop the rest of the new Osprey trail when we complete the new DNR connections.

Give these guys a “Thanks” when you see them around town: Denny Clawson-Schuch, John Fillers, Doug Huber, Jack Riggen.

Let’s keep improving our trails,
Larry Scott