President’s Message – Bill Dean

COVID-19 was a game changer!  As soon as it hit, a Task Force was formed drawing from Emergency Management and Health & Wellness Committees.  While the community (and the World) remained in various degrees of lockdown, the Task Force provided Weekly Updates of what was happening, what the regulations were and acted as a communications conduit to and from the community to health officials at JeffCo and Jefferson Healthcare.  After a successful start of Health and Wellness programs before the pandemic, it had to be shelved until September when Jefferson Healthcare commenced an online version.  While many activities were put on hold, a successful new Tree Lighting took place in the Village Center before the pandemic, use of the bay by boaters increased exponentially and the Maritime Committee provided guidance to them for the safety and enjoyment of everyone.  Increased use of the trails as allowed outdoor recreation required continual work by that dedicated Committee. The other thing that has not changed is the dedication of the volunteers who are listed on the Honor Roll at the end of this Review.    Financially our revenue decreased by $3,780 to $15,839 but expenditures decreased by $8,994 to $15,495.   The net effect is a cash surplus of $344 for the year which increased our reserve to $24,006.  This is the first year in the last five when revenue exceeded expenditures.  This has certainly been a strange year and as I leave the board after seven years, I want to specially acknowledge the fellow board members that have supported me and the community to enhance our wonderful village in the woods by the bay.  Thank you all.

Administration – Chair: Tamra McDearmid
Maintain and update organizational and procedural policies.

The Administration Committee continued to maintain the Articles of Incorporation, Bylaws, and Policies & Procedures. After the 2019 Election, some of the election procedures were modified, and the Policies & Procedures were amended accordingly. A complete review of the Bylaws and Policies & Procedures was undertaken and determined no changes were necessary due to COVID-19.

Administration is also responsible for handling the yearly Board Election. A team was formed to produce the Election Ballot Packet. Results will be announced at the Annual Meeting.

Communications – Chair: Mike Towner
To build Village Council awareness, participation, and appreciation among Port Ludlow residents.

The primary focus of Communications this year has been in support of the COVID-19 Task Force and its dissemination of pandemic-related information relevant to the Port Ludlow community. Weekly eblasts have been sent each Tuesday since February summarizing the JeffCo Board of County Commissioners weekly meetings, especially Dr. Locke’s health advisories and the Governor’s plans for re-opening. The Village Council website created a landing page devoted to COVID-19 topics and activities. Ongoing activities include a redesign of the Web page to make it easier to navigate pandemic information, since the sheer volume of articles can be overwhelming at times.  Maintaining the Port Ludlow Archive of community-wide documents is a continuing responsibility.

Community Development – Chair: Dave McDearmid
Maintain a relationship with the developer, the county and neighboring property owners.

The Committee maintains relationships with the developer, the county and neighboring property owners for the benefit of Port Ludlow.  This year we were pleased to co-sponsor the Village Tree Lighting ceremony with Port Ludlow Associates and to complete refurbishment of the wooden roadside signs welcoming people to Port Ludlow.  We continue to work on expansion of the Port Ludlow No Shooting Zone and with PLA on various enhancements within our Village.

Community Open House — Chair: Rita Garcia
An annual event to encourage newcomers and long-term residents of Port Ludlow to meet and speak to social, sports, business, and service organizations of the community.

The Community Open House (formally known as the Community Welcome Event), is a joint activity funded by the Village Council, LMC and SBCA, and has been managed by the Village Council’s Committee for the past few years.  This year the Committee recommended a name change to make it more inclusive, and to reflect that the event is for all in Port Ludlow, newcomers as well as long-term residents.

This year’s planning efforts were underway before COVID-19 surfaced and the Community Open House became a virtual one.  Clubs and organizations would be showcased on the PLVC website.  This then culminated in inviting over 90 organizations to be asked if they wished to be included in the online directory. Some 50 requests were received. The Directory will be available on the Village Council website in October.  Next steps will include providing a similar area on our website where businesses can advertise.

COVID-19 Task ForceCo-Chairs: Kim Moffitt and Jim Moffitt
To provide the entire Port Ludlow Community with information relative to the pandemic that focuses on LOCAL aspects, be a two-way communication conduit between the community and Jefferson County and to be a resource for residents to obtain information.

 The COVID-19 Task force uses the information from our Jeffco local expert sources from Departments of Health and Emergency Management and Jefferson Healthcare. These expert sources are focused mainly on the needs of the JeffCo residents.

Ongoing monitoring of the JeffCo Commissioner’s Weekly Meetings for COVID-19 data updates by Dr. Locke (JeffCo Public Health Officer), along with information from Washington State and the Federal government was performed by the Committee. The goal was to collect information and guidance that was new and not redundant. From that research, Weekly Updates were sent to the Community on the Village Council eblast system.  In addition, the information was shared with partner stakeholders, PLA, SBCA and LMC.  The Emergency Management Block Captain program was used to support Task Force initiatives and messaging.

Emergency Management — Chair: Kim Moffitt
Establish and maintain a disaster-based emergency communications and response organization for Port Ludlow.

2020 has been a busy year for Emergency Management (EM). Some of our planned activities were set aside to respond to the COVID-19 emergency.  Following the actions of the county Department of Emergency Management (DEM) to activate the Emergency Operations Center, the EM Committee initiated a limited activation of our Block Captains to provide support for the community by surveying vulnerable populations for potential needs.  The Committee participated in a COVID-19 Task Force in partnership with the Health and Wellness Committee monitoring the county communications to provide information to the community.

In addition, the Committee has been concentrating on updating the written Port Ludlow Neighborhood Emergency Plan (NEP) to be published on the Village Council website. The plan will serve as guidance and information to the Port Ludlow community for preparation, response, and recovery of any type of emergency that we may face in our area as well as a resource for Block Captains in the performance of their duties.  This NEP has been developed in conjunction with the County DEM.

The Committee is working to recruit block captains, especially in the North Bay area, and is developing an outreach plan with messaging to the Port Ludlow community regarding the Committee’s activities while emphasizing communication with new residents. In order to eliminate some of the in-person interaction, the Committee is developing online training for new and existing block captains. This effort commenced with a radio procedures training session for Block Captains in September.

Health and Wellness Committee – Chair: Jim Moffitt
To provide to our Port Ludlow Community Health and Wellness events sponsored by the Village Council and others.

This has been a challenging year for the Health and Wellness Committee. Starting off with a planned series of three healthy cooking classes with Chef Arron Stark from Jefferson Healthcare, we were only able to accomplish one due to COVID-19.  That one class, held at the Beach Club, was an overwhelming success with 61 residents participating in this very entertaining and educational program. The remaining two demos were postponed due to social distancing protocols and for the benefit and safety of the community and Jefferson Healthcare team members.  On September 14th,  Chef Stark resumed his Healthy Cooking Demos in a virtual format. This was the first of six demos planned over a six consecutive week period. These are accessible via the Jefferson Healthcare Facebook page and online streaming from their website.

The Health and Wellness Committee will continue to explore ways to offer programs that enhance the quality of life in Port Ludlow and will be reaching out to both LMC and SBCA on how to coordinate future activities in the health and wellness area.

Holiday Lights – Chair: Dave McDearmid
Continue to provide holiday lights for the community.

The Committee continued Port Ludlow’s Holiday Lights tradition that has brought sparkle and shine to our Village Center for many years. Up before Thanksgiving, remaining through the winter, we enjoy these decorations throughout the season.  Special thanks go to WAVE Broadband who continue to donate their crews and bucket trucks to help in the loftier elevation of the trees, and to Lakeside Industries for their continued donation of traffic control.  In addition, area businesses and residents, especially in the Village, made monetary donations to enable us to purchase replacement light strings for those that are no longer bright and operating.  None of this would happen without the support of community volunteers who participate in the installation and removal of the lights and the generous financial support of our many donors.

Maritime – Chair: Phil Otness
Monitor boating activity and provide a safe Port Ludlow Bay experience.

The summer season yachters exceeded all expectations with the number of boaters visiting our Bay.  This led to speeding of tenders in conflict with many others using the peaceful waters of our beautiful bay.  The Committee distributed many informational letters or talked to various skippers who were generally cooperative.  Due to excessive speeding, three more signs matching the four already in place around the bay were added.  This time we put them on shoreline and on the twin islands where most of the speeders were originating.  This made a very large difference to change the pattern and protect the many standup paddle boarders as well as kayakers, rowers and other users.

During the early spring, with the help of the DNR, we were able to correspond with several vessels who had exceeded the state anchorage rules which limit an anchorage stay to 30 days.  They volunteered to leave but many exceeded the limit by several weeks.

Recycling – Chair: Austin Kerr
Monitor Recycling Center activity and maintain communication with solid waste removal providers.

The Jefferson County recycling program has experienced no substantial changes in the last year.  The 2020 recycling flyer is posted at the bins to educate the community about recycling and the need for cleanliness for a successful effort. The county’s Solid Waste Advisory Committee has suspended some meetings because of the COVID-19 pandemic.  The Solid Waste department is transitioning to new leadership due to a retirement. The recycling bins in Port Ludlow are an important part of the county’s recycling program.  Port Ludlow Associates provides the location and Skookum services the bins under contract with JeffCo.  There are occasional dumping violations and a failure to flatten cardboard that can fill the bins prematurely.  Occasional failure to follow other guidelines can disrupt processing of material for sale to brokers who find markets for these materials.

Roadway Safety Committee – Chair: Allan Kiesler
Maintain communication with County Department of Public Works to ensure the safety of Port Ludlow residents.

It has been another year of waiting for Jefferson County to respond to our five safety requests for Port Ludlow.  The County-hired consultant has submitted his final report, which the Committee reviewed, and his recommendations were very much in line with our requests.

The two least expensive recommendations were to reduce the speed from 40 the 35 MPH on Paradise Bay Road from Timberton Road to the four-way stop at Oak Bay Road .  The second recommendation was to reconfigure the four-way stop at Osprey, Oak Bay and Paradise Bay Road for safety reasons.

Although not directly in the tasking for the Committee, we have also been monitoring the planned Roundabout at Highway 104 and Paradise Bay Road.  Construction is slated to begin in 2021 and this affects traffic going through Port Ludlow.  The second Roundabout planned for Highway 104 and Highway 19 (Beaver Valley Road) has been planned but probably will not begin in 2021.

Trails and Natural Resources – Chair:  Merrily Mount

Develop and maintain the trails and natural resources of the community and promote community awareness and appreciation of the established walking and biking trails. 

As we look in the mirror of 2020, we continue to be primarily in maintenance mode on our beautiful trail system in Port Ludlow.  We worked throughout the year to complete projects on our trails while following the COVID-19 mandates to stay safe.  Volunteer on-site work for 2020 totaled 1099 hours since the last annual report.

A number of volunteers recently completed training and certification in chainsaw operation and first aid/CPR. Therefore, we have more volunteers to respond to fallen trees on our trail system.

A major beautification and retooling of our Interpretive Garden area, now called “Garden at Ludlow Falls” was completed.  We renegotiated the entrance trail to Ludlow Falls and with the assistance of PLA now have new fencing along the falls area.  Volunteers replaced steps and benches along this trail.  We responded to numerous downed tree reports and we were able to utilize many of these trees for new benches along Camber Lane and at Picnic Point.  The Annual Scotch Broom Pull and new Tansy Ragwort removal effort were completed on an individual basis this year.  The “trails brigade” worked tirelessly to stay ahead of the rapidly growing plants encroaching on the trails.

Trail maintenance agreements have been signed with the trail-owning HOA’s of our community as well with DNR, Rayonier and PLA.  Our maintenance volunteers have signed the agreements’ liability releases and safety guideline forms.

We are determining our future needs.  Revising the Committee’s policies and procedures and long-range plan has been started to give better orientation and guidance to new volunteers.  Our continuing goal is to provide safe and enjoyable trails here in Port Ludlow for the benefit of all our residents.

Utilities – Chair: Robert Chanpong
Monitor private and public utilities as they relate to Port Ludlow and monitor water treatment upgrade project.

Following on the Committee’s work in 2019 to focus on the OWSI Water Treatment Project, in 2020 the project has progressed significantly, gaining approvals from various State and County entities. The project has undergone successful state surcharge hearings, Cultural and Historical Reviews, the State Environmental Policy Act (SEPA) review, and several engineering reviews. The DOH approved the engineering plan, and the building permit was granted by the County. The bid process for plant construction is ongoing at this time. OWSI estimates that construction should start this October, with completion within two years from start.


Alblinger, Michele – Community Open House
Bakst, Jay – Emergency Management
Belmont, Brian – Community Open House
Berthiaume, Barbara – Community Open House
Bennett, Diana – Community Open House
Bense, Willie – Emergency Management
Best, Karen – Community Development
Bima, Jamie – Community Open House
Bleek, Jan – Community Open House
Bodman, Fran – Welcome Event
Codier, David – Emergency Management
Corbridge, Bruce – Community Open House
Corbridge, Nancy – Community Open House
Crooks, John – Emergency Management
Darrow, Soozie – Trails/Natural Resources
Dawson, Ron – Emergency Management
Dean, Bill – Officer
Dean, Chris – Community Development
Diehl, Piper – Movie Night
Faulkner, Fred – Emergency Management
Franzel, Philip – Utilities
Franzel, Sally – Officer
Gagnier, Ann – Movie Night
Garcia, Doug – Community Open House
Garcia, Rita – Director
Goldwood, John – Trails/Natural Resources
Govert, Adele – Community Open House
Green, Tink – Emergency Management
Griffith, John – Festival
Griffith, Sheri – Welcome Event
Henry, Russ – Emergency Management
Hicks, Gary – Trails/Natural Resources
Hinton, Paul – Officer
Huber, Doug – Road Safety
James, Barb – Community Open House
Jurca, Dave – Community Development
Kerr, Austin – Utilities/Recycling
Kiesler, Allan – Director
Kiesler, Nancy – Welcome Event
Knudsen, Donna – Community Open House
Lazarus, Bill – Welcome Event
Lohrey, Pat – Emergency Management
Lloyd, Clydene – Community Open House
McClung, Ron – Movie Night
McDearmid, Dave – Community Development
McDearmid, Tam – Director
Merritt, Marlene – Welcome Event
Meryhew, Dick – Roadway Safety
Meryhew, Mary Ellen – Welcome Event
Michel, Russ – Utilities
Moffitt, Anna – Communications
Moffitt, Jack – Communications
Moffitt, Jim – Officer
Moffitt, Kim – Emergency Management
Mount, Merrily – Trails/Natural Resources
Myers, Richard – Trails/Natural Resources
Navone, Jane – Trails/Natural Resources
Nilssen, Mike – Community Development
Otness, Phil – Utilities/Marine
Page, Pat – Emergency Management
Petrick, Dana – Community Development
Ralls, Jan – Movie Night
Rensema, Tim – Trails/Natural Resources
Rothwell, Sandy – Welcome Event
Schurman, Rick – Emergency Management/NOC
Sheldon, Ray – Director
Smeland, Diana – Movie Night
Smith, Rick – Emergency Management
Snider, Kathy – Community Open House
Sprandel, Tom – Director
Stapleton, Kris – Welcome Event
Summerfelt, Caleb – Communications/Archive
Sweet, John – Roadway Safety
Tallerico, Vicki – Welcome Event
Towner, Mike – Officer
Turissini, Danille – Emergency Management
Umbreit, Terry – Holiday Lights
Vannoy, Jackie – Community Open House
Waldenberg, Phyllis -Health & Wellness
Ward, Kori – Movie Night
Wells, Linda – Welcome Event
Wright-Cole, Carol – Welcome Event


  1. 1. Residents Should Focus on their Own Compliance First. This is a difficult time for everyone. Residents should first focus on their own compliance with the stay home order and not try to police other people’s failure to comply.
  2. Don’t call 911. Residents should not call 911 to report an alleged violation of the stay home order. Instead, please call the communications business line, 360-344-9779.
  3. Don’t call the Public Health Department. Residents should not call the Public Health Department. It does not have the resources in the current environment to police violations of the stay home order.
  4. Use the Governor’s Website. Residents should use the Governor’s website for complaints about businesses or people that they believe are violating the stay home order. Precious law enforcement resources must be saved for true emergencies, not for enforcing alleged violations of the stay home order by businesses. If a business is allegedly not following the stay home order, residents should go to the website the Governor created that collects alleged violations by business and fill out the on-line form. The address for the Governor’s web site is:
  5. Only Report to the Sheriff’s Office Individual Violations that Pose a Threat to Residents. The Governor’s web site tells people to report violations about an individual or private group not following the stay home order to their local law enforcement agency.
  6. The Sheriff’s Office Will Use Discretion and Persuasion to Gain Compliance. The Sheriff’s Office will weigh all the law enforcement priorities when considering whether to send deputies to respond in person to a complaint about a violation of the stay home order. The Sheriff’s Office will not arrest anyone for violating the order before first using persuasion to obtain compliance. Arrests for violation of the stay home order will be avoided because they put deputies and jail staff at risk. If persuasion doesn’t work, deputies will consult with a supervisor, who can involve the Prosecuting Attorney if necessary.




Port Ludlow Associates has asked us to forward the following

TEMPORARY CLOSURE – The Inn, Fireside, Golf Course and
PLA/OWSI Office will be closed until at least April 24.

LIMITED OPENINGS – Marina and Fuel Dock, call for times, 360-437-0513


  1. The safeguards we have always taken to protect water quality are effective to keep it safe from viruses, including COVID-19.
  2. We do ask that when you are cleaning with disinfecting wipes that you do not dispose of them by flushing them down your toilets. Toilet paper is the only paper product that is safe to flush into the sewers. Disinfecting and flushable wipes do not break down in water, increasing the chance of sewer pipe line backups.
  3. If you are having difficulty paying your water bill due to the COVID-19 Virus, please contact us as soon as possible. We will offer payment arrangements and extensions to help. Additionally, we have temporarily suspended collections activities and shutoffs on residential service connections for non-payment.

360-437-2101 Office
877-826-5787 Emergency Phone


The following are highlights from the Peninsula Daily News Commentary, March 18, 2020.
Jefferson Healthcare’s (JHC) COVID-19 plan is aimed at keeping our communities informed, safe and well during this pandemic. Planning work has three main components:
1) Monitor, test and communicate
2) Flatten the infection growth curve
3) Plan for increased health services utilization.
To assist our community:
  • JHC has launched a COVID-19 Nurse Consult hotline at 360-344-3094. It isavailable 7 days a week to answer questions and schedule appointments in the COVID-19/Respiratory Incident CommandStation.
  • JHC has dramatically increased the ability to test. JHC plans to keep a drive-thru testing station at the hospital as long as necessary – currently by appointment only.
  • To keep you informed, JHC is updating daily our COVID-19 Web page at: jeffersonhealthcare.org/covid-19.
  • JHC is also posting informative video content on our Facebook page.
  • JHC has inventoried all personal protection equipment (PPE), and developed use protocols to ensure staff is protected and safe while caring for patients.
  • JHC is restricting hospital visitors. JHC has made the difficult decision to postpone all support groups and wellness services and restrict access to the hospital and clinics for all discretionary purposes (like using the cafeteria). We expect our community members to understand and comply with this temporary restriction to keep our most vulnerable residents safe and well.
JHC has been closely monitoring the regional and local situations and, in collaboration with the Public Health Department, communicating with the public at every opportunity. JHC has a plan in place and a team of dedicated staff and providers fully committed to doing whatever it takes to get our community through this difficult time.
County Health Officer, Tom Locke, and senior JHC officials held a Panel Discussion on March 25. Follow this link to see it in its entirety:


Members of two Village Council Committees, Health & Wellness and Emergency Management, have been combined to form a COVID-19 Task Force to provide two-way communications between Port Ludlow residents and the experts for this pandemic. As the chairs of the two Committees, Jim and Kim Moffitt are heading up this effort and our two Block Captain Coordinators, Pat Lohrey and Mike Towner will help lead the effort. In addition, Paul Hinton and Phyllis Waldenberg from Health & Wellness and PLVC President Bill Dean are actively involved.
The first assignment of the Task Force has been to declare a Limited Activation of the Port Ludlow EM Block Captain program. This is in concert with the limited activation of the Jefferson County Emergency Operations Center. In both cases, individuals will not be meeting, but will be using electronic means to perform their duties. If you have a question or need, contact your Block Captain. If you don’t know who your Block Captain is, contact us through the PLVC website (www.plvc.org/contact) and we will respond to you as soon as possible.
Click HERE to see more details on how the Port Ludlow activation will commence.
We are anticipating the need to communicate what is going on in the area and share information with the County about our situation here in Port Ludlow. COVID-19 Communication with residents will be updated on a regular basis. This has started with take-out food options, along with grocery purchase availability. Opportunities for blood donation and consolidated contact information for Utilities and other subjects is being worked on.
Bill Dean
PLVC President


OBJECTIVE:  To provide the entire Port Ludlow community with information relative to the coronavirus outbreak and be a resource to assist residents in obtaining supplies and services as required.


  • Health & Wellness Committee
  • Emergency Management Committee
  • Jefferson County Department of Emergency Management (DEM)


  • Use PLVC eblast system to communicate information and status
  • Post information on PLVC website
  • Use NextDoor social media system to further communicate info and status
  • Share all information with SBCA & LMC
  • Develop and maintain resource lists for food, prescriptions and supplies (open?)
  • Monitor Weekly Jefferson County Commissioners’ Meeting COVID-19 Update
  • Monitor Jefferson Healthcare website and information
  • Monitor Jefferson County Emergency Management website
  • Monitor Jefferson County Department of Public Health website
  • Limited activation of Block Captain Program to assist residents
  • Encourage residents to contact Block Captain with questions or problems
  • Encourage residents to use PLVC website to obtain information or assistance

COVID-19 What you need to know

COVID-19 is spreading in Washington state. Everyone should take
steps to protect their health and the health of people around them.

What is COVID-19?

  • COVID-19 is an illness caused by a new type of coronavirus.
  • Most people who get COVID-19 experience mild symptoms
    similar to a cold.
  • Some people, including older adults and people with other
    health conditions, are at higher risk for severe illness.
  • Currently there is no vaccine available.