Information on Pope Resources’ Herbicide Applications for 2019


The following is posted at the request of Pope Resources as a public information service.  Additional information is available on their website,

  1. Herbicides are used to ensure that the trees we are legally required to replant are able to survive and grow and to control invasive species.
  2. It is illegal for any applicator to allow herbicides to leave the site through any mechanism.
  3. In Jefferson County, Pope Resources generally only applies herbicides once over the course of a 45 year rotation.  Put another way, herbicides are only applied on 3% of Pope ownership each year.
  4. We apply herbicides at small concentrations, usually well below the limits prescribed by both State and Federal law. The herbicide mix for site preparation and release applications is between 85% and 90% water.
  5. Herbicides are approved for use by the Environmental Protection Agency, and further regulated by the Washington State Department of Agriculture as well as the Department of Natural Resources for aerial application. Pope Resources has invited the State agencies to be present during our application.
  6. These agencies are responsible for ensuring that all users of herbicides follow the law.
  7. We decide which herbicides to use based on the type of vegetation present on the site as well as other site conditions.

Here are some points from Pope Resources regarding bees:

  1. We are not using insecticides in any form.
  2. The herbicides we use have been studied carefully to ensure that when applied properly they do not effect human health and the environment.
  3. The herbicides we use do not remove all species that pollinators utilize.
  4. Our harvesting actually creates more early successional habitat across the landscape for pollinators that would not exist without our clear cuts.
  5. Commercial bee keepers use our clear cuts to store their bees when they are not being used for pollinating commercial agriculture crops because they view our lands as safe for their bees.

Adrian Miller VP at Pope Resources, is the contact. DNR’s office is in Forks, 360-374-2806.


On July, 5, at the PLVC Board Meeting, 3pm, at Beach Club, Olympic Resource Management (ORM), formerly Pope, will discuss the clearcutting they will be doing on Tala Point. A 234 acre parcel on the hill across the bay from the Beach Club will be cut commencing the middle of August. Adrian Miller of ORM will discuss what, where and how the cut will take place. He will demonstrate the visibility of the cut from various places in Port Ludlow.
Separately, at the meeting John Fillers will discuss the Port Ludlow trails status.
All members of the Port Ludlow community are invited to attend.
Click the following link to see the entire meeting agenda: PLVC Meeting Agendas

Community Information Meeting ORM Timber Harvest


Olympic Resource Management (ORM), has advised that they are going to commence timber harvesting operations in mid-February on the 91-acre tract of land called ‘Miller Time’ (see map below). It is located between Paradise Bay Road and the previous PLA harvest near the Woodridge Village in South Bay. Harvested trees will be removed from the site south on Teal Lake Road and the parcel will be replanted for future harvest. This harvest has been approved by the Department of Natural Resources.

ORM will be holding a public meeting on Thursday, February 8 from 3:30 to 5 pm, in the Bay Club Auditorium to discuss their specific plans and impacts the harvesting will have on area residents.

For further information, contact Adrian Miller, at 360-697-6626,


Tuesday, March 14, 4pm, Bay Club

Olympic Resource Management (ORM) has received a permit from the Washington Department of Natural Resources (DNR) to harvest 163 acres in four parcels around Teal Lake south and outside of the Master Planned Resort. This harvest is call the Mr. Rogers cut and will commence in the next month. A map showing the area to be harvested is attached. Some of Port Ludlow’s Trails will be closed during the harvesting.

PLVC will host Adrian Miller, Manager of Policy and Environment for ORM, to hold an informational meeting to advise the community the details of the harvest. The activities following the harvest will also be outlined.

All residents of Port Ludlow are invited to attend.

Bill Dean
President, PLVC


Adrian Miller of Olympic Resource Management (ORM) presented plans for spraying parcels owned by ORM which are three-quarters of a mile south of the MPR behind Olympic Terrace II.  This will take place between now and the end of August.  This was his agenda:

  • Introduction of Pope Resources and
  • Olympic Resource Management
  • Terminology
  • Herbicide Use
  • Regulations
  • 2016 Operations
    • Where
    • What
    • When

In addition, given the number of questions at the meeting, ORM has provided EPA information on compliance that can be viewed by clicking on the following link:

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Olympic Resource Management, formerly Pope Resources, will discuss their plans for herbicide spraying over 1,100 acres on the Olympic Peninsula over the next month.
Adrian Miller, VP Governmental Affairs, and Griffin Chamerlain, Hood Canal Tree Farm Manager, will be here to present their plans and answer your questions.
  • Why is the spraying taking place?
  • Where will spraying take place?
  • When will the spraying take place?
  • How will the application take place?
  • What products will be sprayed?
We look forward to seeing you all on the 8th.


Olympic Resource Management (ORM) will commence tree harvesting on part of their Paradise Creek parcel, 821221001. It is located just west of Paradise Bay Road, north of the Paradise Bay community. The majority of the 32 acre harvest is screened with a fifty foot buffer from the road. It is anticipated that the project will take about three weeks and cutting will not commence before 7am.

Questions should be directed to Adrian Miller at 360-394-0595.


The land to be logged is not within the Port Ludlow Master Planned Resort and is owned by Olympic Resource Management (Pope), an independent timber company.

They have cultivated this “crop” for over 40 years, paid the taxes on the land, and planned to harvest this natural resource.  As a matter of fact, the vast majority of the land surrounding the Master Planned Resort is of a similar variety.

It is a major crop in our part of Washington and not inappropriate for them to proceed.

There is land within the Master Planned Resort that we are working very hard to ensure not be clear-cut and that is designed to provide a buffer between residents and the harvesting that takes place around us.  In so doing we are working to maintain our “village in the woods by the bay”.

Again, this land is not within the Master Planned Resort and not owned by Port Ludlow Associates (PLA).

Bill Dean
Port Ludlow Village Council VP and Chair Ad Hoc Tree Harvesting Committee