Olympic Resource Management (ORM) will commence tree harvesting on part of their Paradise Creek parcel, 821221001. It is located just west of Paradise Bay Road, north of the Paradise Bay community. The majority of the 32 acre harvest is screened with a fifty foot buffer from the road. It is anticipated that the project will take about three weeks and cutting will not commence before 7am.

Questions should be directed to Adrian Miller at 360-394-0595.


Joint Statement from 2nd Mediation Session Port Ludlow Associates and Jefferson County May 20, 2016

The parties met in Seattle on Friday, May 20, 2016, for a full day mediation session with their attorneys and an independent mediator regarding timber harvest in in the Port Ludlow Master Planned Resort (MPR). Port Ludlow resident and PLVC representative Bill Dean observed the mediation.

Discussions between the two parties were frank, and both parties expressed their positions, but then worked hard to find common ground. Although the mediation continues, the parties have tentatively agreed on the principles for managing Open Space Reserves (OSRs) within the MPR consistent with the OSR’s purpose. Those principles, which are intended to be the foundation of a set of forest stewardship plans, include managing the Open Space Reserves to retain healthy standing forests that will enhance the aesthetics of the Master Planned Resort. These forests will have trees of mixed species and different ages that enhance forest health, habitat, aesthetics and passive recreation. The parties also discussed non-OSR parcels, mitigation, and the golf course property, and those discussions will continue.

The parties have agreed to jointly retain an independent professional forester to develop a forest stewardship plan the parties could agree on to achieve the OSR’s goal.

The parties agreed to reconvene the mediation in late July if a formal written settlement is not completed by then.


The LMC, SBCA and PLVC Ad Hoc Committees addressing the logging that took place in the Master Planned Resort last year are circulating a petition to be presented to the Board of County Commissioners at their Monday morning meeting on April 25.
If you are unable to sign in person, please follow the link for the petition, once it is open you can print, sign, and return to petition@portludlowvillagecouncil.com
The petition states: “The visual blight resulting from clear cut logging has no place within our Master Planned Resort.  As a resident of Port Ludlow, I oppose (1) any commercial timber harvesting of our forested Open Space Reserves and (2) any logging of other forested areas within the MPR that is not directly associated with the active conversion of a parcel to a residential or other allowable use in accordance with the MPR Development Agreement.”

Thank you for supporting your community on this important issue.


The land to be logged is not within the Port Ludlow Master Planned Resort and is owned by Olympic Resource Management (Pope), an independent timber company.

They have cultivated this “crop” for over 40 years, paid the taxes on the land, and planned to harvest this natural resource.  As a matter of fact, the vast majority of the land surrounding the Master Planned Resort is of a similar variety.

It is a major crop in our part of Washington and not inappropriate for them to proceed.

There is land within the Master Planned Resort that we are working very hard to ensure not be clear-cut and that is designed to provide a buffer between residents and the harvesting that takes place around us.  In so doing we are working to maintain our “village in the woods by the bay”.

Again, this land is not within the Master Planned Resort and not owned by Port Ludlow Associates (PLA).

Bill Dean
Port Ludlow Village Council VP and Chair Ad Hoc Tree Harvesting Committee


Olympic Resource Management (ORM or Pope) will commence logging over the next few days.

  • Friday, March 25, they will commence widening some haul roads off Teal Lake Road and then Monday
  • March 28, clear-cutting will commence. 

This harvesting operation is on their land south of Teal Lake and west of Teal Lake Road.

  • The Teal Lake Loop Trail has been closed.

Watch for signs and a further announcements. There is a 500 foot buffer between the harvest and both Teal Lake Road and Teal Lake. This area is known as the Googan parcel, is 54 acres and shaped somewhat like a kidney bean.

It will take about two months to complete. ORM has instructed their contractor to not commence operations before 7am.

Timber Harvesting Update

At the mediation on January 27, 2016, Port Ludlow Associates (PLA) and Jefferson County agreed to the following joint statement:

“PLA and the County engaged in a day of negotiations regarding forest practices within the MPR; progress was made and the parties agreed to continue their discussions while maintaining the confidentiality that is inherent in the negotiation process.”

Bill Dean
PLVC Vice President