November 7th 2019 Village Council Board Meeting Highlights

The major topic of the Village Council Board meeting on November 7 was concern over the lack of a structured assessment of Bay Club usage fees after the first full year of implementation, and how the decision to continue the policy without such an assessment is not what was promised.  The Council voted to not use the Bay Club for its activities until such an assessment is completed.  There was significant discussion by SBCA members about why the policy was put in place and the private club aspect of the facility; while Village Council members expressed a concern over the negative impact on service organizations, and that the current policy was having a divisive impact on the community as a whole.

Rita Garcia was appointed to complete Steve Frenzl’s position on the Board until October 2020 and new Committee Chairs were appointed to become effective between now and the end of the year:  Kim Moffitt for Emergency Management, Merrily Mount for Trails, Rita Garcia for Welcome Event and Robert Chanpong for Utilities.

Motions were approved for new Holiday Tree Lighting event on December 2 at 4:30 in the Village Center, establish coordination of social events among the PLVC, LMC, SCBA, and NBLOA to minimize overlap, and additional funding for Holiday Lights to keep that tradition going this year.

County Commissioner Greg Brotherton introduced Denise Banker who discussed the Empowered Teens Coalition which works with kids to prevent underage substance abuse.  Then Greg talked about the roundabout at the west end of the Hood Canal Bridge. The state is going forward with the concept but is considering County input on some aspects of the designs.  Greg shared that the County is rewriting the shooting ordinance pursuant to the decision by the Growth Management Hearings Board and announced that LTAC funding of historical signs and movie night was approved.

Diana Smeland discussed painting of the Village Center, the Tree Lighting event in December, reopening of Niblick’s after a flood, PLA’s referral program for homes, and OWSI water system building permit and filtration simulation.  She indicated that the focus of their efforts has been on renovations and building of custom homes, while home sales (new and resale) are anticipated to be at the same level as last year.   In addition, she announced a number of new specials at the Fireside restaurant.


LAST CHANCE before election day to ask about Proposition 1 and the Sheriff’s Petition for additional deputies.

November 2, 2017 @ 3:00 PM
Beach Club


  • County Commissioner Report, Kathleen Kler
  • County Department of Community Development (DCD) Report, David Wayne Johnson
  • PLA Developer Report, President Smeland
  • Community Interest Reports
    • Election Forum, October 9 – Pat Page
    • Emergency Management, Danille Turissini
  • Citizen Comments two (2) minutes each
  • PLVC Internal Reports/Actions
    • Secretary – Pat Page
      • September Minutes
      • October Minutes
      • Correspondence
    • Treasurer – October report – Paul Wynkoop
    • Finances Ad Hoc Committee, Bill Dean
    • Food Bank Donation, Gil Skinner