Members of two Village Council Committees, Health & Wellness and Emergency Management, have been combined to form a COVID-19 Task Force to provide two-way communications between Port Ludlow residents and the experts for this pandemic. As the chairs of the two Committees, Jim and Kim Moffitt are heading up this effort and our two Block Captain Coordinators, Pat Lohrey and Mike Towner will help lead the effort. In addition, Paul Hinton and Phyllis Waldenberg from Health & Wellness and PLVC President Bill Dean are actively involved.
The first assignment of the Task Force has been to declare a Limited Activation of the Port Ludlow EM Block Captain program. This is in concert with the limited activation of the Jefferson County Emergency Operations Center. In both cases, individuals will not be meeting, but will be using electronic means to perform their duties. If you have a question or need, contact your Block Captain. If you don’t know who your Block Captain is, contact us through the PLVC website ( and we will respond to you as soon as possible.
Click HERE to see more details on how the Port Ludlow activation will commence.
We are anticipating the need to communicate what is going on in the area and share information with the County about our situation here in Port Ludlow. COVID-19 Communication with residents will be updated on a regular basis. This has started with take-out food options, along with grocery purchase availability. Opportunities for blood donation and consolidated contact information for Utilities and other subjects is being worked on.
Bill Dean
PLVC President