This update is published each Tuesday following the report by County Medical Director, Dr. Thomas Locke, to the County Commissioners and summarizes significant points from that meeting and other information that has not been previously reported in PLVC eBlasts. Topics are listed in summary form with links to Web pages such as PLVC at or Washington State Hotline at Phone: 800-525-0127 – at prompt press #.
Roadmap to Reopening: (We are now in Phase II – have applied for Phase III)
  • JeffCo forwarded its Phase III re-opening application to the Washington State Department of Health on 06/29/20 – see PLVC website above for Board of Health details. Increased numbers of individuals allowed for various activities are included. Some additional limits on indoor gatherings may be imposed when Phase III is actually implemented.
  • It is expected that the turnaround response will not be as quick as the Phase II application and will take up to 7 to 10 business days to hear back
  • It is expected that we will be in Phase III, at minimum, through the balance of 2020 – or perhaps longer
  • Dr. Locke’s ongoing messaging:
  • Masking Protocols – must be followed
  • Distance – Social Distancing Protocols must be followed both indoors and outdoors
  • Hand Hygiene – wash hands frequently
  • No face touching
More information on Safe Start Washington can be found via this link:
  • New testing procedures being explored:
  • Pool testing – this is group testing
  • A sample of individuals in the pool is tested
  • If tests come back negative – all is good
  • If tests come back positive, then everyone in that pool (group) is tested individually to find out which one(s) are positive
  • The pool testing procedure will allow a greater quantity of testing to be completed with faster contact tracing opportunities
  • Masking:
  • Research has found face shields to be effective
  • Suggested to be used with some sort of bandana for absorption benefit of moisture and airborne particles
  • In combination with face mask – more effective than shield alone
  • Use of face shields would be considered following the WA State masking orders/directives
Department of Emergency Management (DEM) Updates (Willie Bence):
  • State EOC has been contacted about support on face shield or clear face masks for those with disabilities that require lip reading, etc.
  • There is a need for smaller sized face masks for children outside of the exempted age range
  • Jefferson Health is in good supply of PPE and bed capacity should a surge occur
  • It was also noted that masking compliance in the county is good and getting better
  • However, there are residents that are not properly wearing their masks
  • To keep yourselves and others safe, the mask needs to fully cover both the nose and mouth