On April 23rd, Emergency Management Director Rob Stern hosted a presentation by geologist Michael Machette at the Beach Club. It was attended by 150 guests and Machette discussed the potentials for these types of events and how severe the impacts could be throughout the area.  He presented a You-Tube video that is a computer model of the results of a Pacific Ocean earthquake coming through the Straight of Juan de Fuca and throughout the rest of the area including Port Ludlow Bay.  Several members of the audience asked how to get to that video.  Here is the direct link:
In addition, Jefferson Land Trust held a Workshop on this topic and the 20-23 minute videos from that are as follows:
Introduction,  Michael Machette:
Earthquake Sources, Brian Atwater:
Tsunami Hotspots, Carrie Garrison-Laney:
Buildings & Structures, Cale Ash:
Jefferson County Emergency Management, Bob Hamlin: