1. The PLVC has maintained $3,645.00, in a separate Iron Mountain Quarry (IMQ) checking account since November 1, 2012. This represents 6.92% of the $52,700.00, of the known PLVC IMQ activity funding.

2. The Board of Directors has not found any records indicating any directions or requests from contributors about how any unspent funds should be used.

3. Accordingly, unless sufficient documentation is provided to the Board by March 15, 2017, establishing that the funds were contributed on the condition that unspent amounts were to be refunded to the contributors or otherwise used in some specified way, and establishing that any particular contributors are entitled to a particular refund or to some other particular disposition of the remaining unspent funds, then the Board will assume that those funds are not subject to special restrictions on use and will apply those funds to whatever PLVC purposes the Board deems appropriate.