What is the format of the evening?

Two segments – one for PUD and one for Commissioners
*Separated by a short break

  • Moderator will introduce the candidates.
  • Candidates will make 5-minute opening statements.
  • Moderator asks them questions you want answered (might think about these beforehand).
  • All candidates in a segment will answer each question.
  • Candidates providing answers to questions will be the major focus of the evening – each candidate will be asked to answer each question.
  • There will also be opportunity to ask questions from the floor, especially follow-up questions.
  • Let’s ask candidates some thought-provoking questions.

So, how is this going to work?

  • 3×5 index cards will be available at the door – write out questions you would like the candidates (either PUD or County Commissioner candidates) to answer.
  • Fill out as many cards as you have questions, one per card.
  • Deposit cards in the receptacles marked PUD or County Commissioner on table before sitting in audience.
  • Moderator will ask these questions of the candidates during the Q & A section.

We hope you’ll join us for an enlightening evening!