1. 1. Residents Should Focus on their Own Compliance First. This is a difficult time for everyone. Residents should first focus on their own compliance with the stay home order and not try to police other people’s failure to comply.
  2. Don’t call 911. Residents should not call 911 to report an alleged violation of the stay home order. Instead, please call the communications business line, 360-344-9779.
  3. Don’t call the Public Health Department. Residents should not call the Public Health Department. It does not have the resources in the current environment to police violations of the stay home order.
  4. Use the Governor’s Website. Residents should use the Governor’s website for complaints about businesses or people that they believe are violating the stay home order. Precious law enforcement resources must be saved for true emergencies, not for enforcing alleged violations of the stay home order by businesses. If a business is allegedly not following the stay home order, residents should go to the website the Governor created that collects alleged violations by business and fill out the on-line form. The address for the Governor’s web site is:
  5. Only Report to the Sheriff’s Office Individual Violations that Pose a Threat to Residents. The Governor’s web site tells people to report violations about an individual or private group not following the stay home order to their local law enforcement agency.
  6. The Sheriff’s Office Will Use Discretion and Persuasion to Gain Compliance. The Sheriff’s Office will weigh all the law enforcement priorities when considering whether to send deputies to respond in person to a complaint about a violation of the stay home order. The Sheriff’s Office will not arrest anyone for violating the order before first using persuasion to obtain compliance. Arrests for violation of the stay home order will be avoided because they put deputies and jail staff at risk. If persuasion doesn’t work, deputies will consult with a supervisor, who can involve the Prosecuting Attorney if necessary.