The new Osprey trail gets better and better all the time. When the trail opened on May 5, 2017 it included 139 log steps. The trail now has a 182 steps and counting. Last Wednesday the Fun Day Trails crew installed an additional 35 steps and they did some shoring to make the trail safer. However, the trail still needs more work. The estimate is that an additional 30 to 40 steps are required plus more shoring of the trail sides.

You might wonder why we are putting so much effort into one trail. The answer is that this is a very special trail. When you hike this trail, which is surrounded by houses, it’s like you are in the deep woods. You can’t see any of the houses. You can only see the woods and in the winter the small stream that runs down the middle of the ravine.

At first, I also thought this was a trail too far, but I’m surprised at how many people have said that they love this trail. Yesterday, when I went back to review what we did (i.e., counting the log steps), I met a young man who said he walks this trail at lunch time every day.

This Fun Day crew (see below) did an excellent job making this trail a pleasure to walk. It’s not easy to carry the logs to where they are needed, dig out a place for each log and then secure the log with rebar. I wish to give a big thanks to the Fun Day crew below for making our trails better and better.

Happy Trails,

John Fillers
Trails Committee Chairman