With the signing of the Settlement Agreement on December 19, 2016, between Jefferson County and Port Ludlow Associates (PLA), the mission of the PLVC Ad Hoc Timber Harvest Committee has been fulfilled. There are monitoring activities that need to be conducted by the community, but maintaining a committee for that purpose is not necessary.

Therefore, the PLVC Board of Directors voted at its March 2, 2017, meeting to disband the Ad Hoc Tree Harvesting Committee and to assign all monitoring of harvesting activities to the Community Development standing committee.


  • Bill Dean, chair of PLVC committee
  • David Jurca, chair of SBCA committee
  • Dave McDearmid, chair of LMC committee
  • Mike Nilssen
  • Larry Nobles
  • Glenn Waldenberg
  • Jeff Welker

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The purpose of this Ad Hoc Committee is to act in an advisory capacity to the PLVC Board of Directors on matters relating to the timber harvesting that took place between May 2014 and April 2015 within the Port Ludlow Master Planned Resort (MPR).


  1. Evaluate the major tree harvesting, including any adverse environmental impacts, that has taken place relative to its legality, zoning, permitting, policies and procedures.
  2. Seek to negotiate with Port Ludlow Associates (PLA) and/or Jefferson County or such other persons or entities as the committee deems appropriate, including coordinating with the Ludlow Maintenance Commission (LMC) and the South Bay Community Association (SBCA), regarding remedies for the violations or other adverse consequences of the harvesting.
  3. Establish measures which will prevent similar harvests in the future.
  4. Report regularly to the PLVC Board after each Committee meeting and regarding negotiations and any tentative agreements, subject to approval of the PLVC Board, that may be reached providing for such remedies and measures for prevention.
  5. The Committee shall not deal with any issues which are handled by the ARC committees of the SBCA or the ACC of the LMC.
  6. Be a unifying force and communications vehicle to build consensus among the residents and organizations having an interest in the Community.


The Committee shall consist of five (5) members. Two members shall be PLVC Board members and the balance shall be from South and North Bay communities. The PLVC President shall appoint the Chairman of the Committee and the PLVC Board shall approve the additional members of the Committee.


The Committee will meet on a basis determined by the scope of work. Meetings will open to all members of the Community unless a meeting is an Executive Session due to the nature of matters to be discussed.