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  • Dave McDearmid

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The Administration Committee for PLVC was formed in January, 2014. It combined three (3) existing committees into one.  The former committees were known as:  Bylaws & Articles of Incorporation,  Finance & Insurance.

The focus of the Committee is periodically monitoring the status of PLVC’s financial position and the adequacy of the PLVC’s insurance coverage, putting the insurance “out to bid” if necessary. Additionally, the Committee will periodically review and compare the consistency the Bylaws, Articles of Incorporation and Policies and Procedures and lead whatever effort is necessary to amend these documents when required.

The Committee will report to the PLVC as required by the current committee reporting schedule.

2016 Committee Goal – Review and compare for consistency as well as possible improvements to the Bylaws, Articles of Incorporation, Policies and Procedures of the PLVC, considering State and Federal requirements and lead any effort to amend the documents if required.