• Mike Towner


  • Caleb Summerfelt
  • Jane Holmes

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The Communications Committee aim is to facilitate communication between the Port Ludlow Village Council and the public by fostering creative ideas and exploring new avenues to increase public awareness about the Port Ludlow Village Council.

The committee will support Port Ludlow Village Council throughout the year as well as acting as communication liaison between Port Ludlow and the Port Ludlow Village Council.

  • Branding the Port Ludlow Village Council: Coordinate/development all ongoing enforcement of group’s brand and message, to always remain consistent with the PLVC ethics and standards.
  • Publicity: Work with Port Ludlow Village Council Executive Officers and Directors and other chairs to ensure all needs or requests are meet as well as making sure that all meetings and important dates are submitted and conveyed to community members, as well as fellow PLVC Members ensuring that they are always up-to-date about plans, goals, etc.
  • Communication: Depending on the needed activity, communication breakdown will be as follows for any request.
    • Social Media
    • Email Campaign
    • Website
    • If necessary, other methods will be discussed and acted on, once approved.
  • Archives:
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