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The Village Council yearly Election is held in October. Half (5) of the Director positions will be up for election. Some current members may choose to remain on the Council; in that case, they run for re-election, along with new candidates filling the roles of Council members who are stepping down.

Have you ever wondered what the Village Council does? Are you curious about filling one of those spots that will be available? Come to a meeting, talk to various Council members, then make up your mind. We would like to invite you to stand with us on this Port Ludlow journey. It can be truly rewarding and satisfying.

Members from both the Council and the community at large serve on the Election Committee. This committee is responsible for encouraging community members to consider running for a PLVC seat, as well as preparing and mailing out the ballot each year. There’s a flurry of activity for 2-3 months, then it quiets down again. How about serving on this Committee and help with the process? Stuffing envelopes with ballot information and counting votes can be fun, you know.