To provide the entire Port Ludlow community with information relative to the coronavirus outbreak, to be a two-way communications conduit between the community and the County and to be a resource to assist residents in obtaining supplies and services as required.


Co-Chairs:   Kim Moffitt – Emergency Management
                    Jim Moffitt – Health & Wellness
Members:    David Codier – Jefferson County Emergency Management
                    Bill Dean – PLVC President
                    Paul Hinton  – Health & Wellness
                    Pat Lohrey – Emergency Management
                    Mike Towner – Emergency Management
                    Phyllis Waldenberg – Health & Wellness


  • Establish a COVID-19 Task Force to manage the response
  • Monitor Weekly Jefferson County Commissioners’ Meeting COVID-19 Update
  • Monitor Jefferson Healthcare website and information
  • Monitor Jefferson County Emergency Management website
  • Monitor Jefferson County Department of Public Health (DOH) website
  • Coordinate with County DEM and DOH relative to all aspects of the response
  • Use PLVC eblast system to communicate information and status
  • Post information on PLVC website
  • Share all information with PLA, SBCA & LMC
  • Use Limited Activation of Block Captain Program to assist the Task Force
  • Develop and maintain resource lists for food, prescriptions and supplies
  • Coordinate services such as grocery pick-up to assist residents
  • Encourage residents to contact Block Captains with questions or problems
  • Encourage residents to use PLVC website to obtain information or assistance