• Dave McDearmid


  • Terry Umbreit
  • Tam McDearmid

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While PLVC members & volunteers have been active in providing our community with holiday lights on the Paradise Bay Road parkway trees for several years, the ‘informal’ group took a giant leap forward this past December. Contacting a commercial lighting company in New York to locate the best possible lights for our wet, cold environment; and talking to several electricians familiar with Port Ludlow’s overhead lights: these individuals bravely moved forward in order to bring a spectacular light display for the entire community to enjoy.

The time was short, the details were many. Much had to be planned and organized in a few weeks time. Undeterred, the group approached the Village Council with a request to receive the Council’s support and a financial commitment for a line of credit while the community fund-raising process was begun.

Extra volunteers were assembled, and Wave Broadband provided some bucket trucks in order to place lights on the highest limbs where no ladder could reach. As in the past, our own Port Ludlow Fire and Rescue staff provided fantastic assistance on the day the many strings of lights were placed in the lower limbs (up to 20′ high). This pre-placement day allowed the Wave bucket crews to concentrate on just the tops of the trees, where we had been unable to reach to place any lights in the past. We think it’s stunning how the lights have s-t-r-e-t-c-h-e-d to the sky: who knew those trees were that tall?

This coordinated effort included Jefferson County Public Works Department (who installed the parkway lights (the county technically owns the parkways & trees), and provided the necessary permits, Port Ludlow Associates, many local retailers and businesses, plus lots of Ludlow residents.  Our sincere appreciation to all.

An Adopt-A-Tree Sponsorship program was established: for $200 the lights in an entire tree could be purchased. There were also other contributors who donated funds and in-kind services to assist in this lighting effort, all of which the Village Council is most grateful to have received.

We’re sure you all notice the difference this project has made to the 20 trees in the parkways on Paradise Bay Road, as well to the Community in general. They just brighten up the night!

At the Council’s February, 2015 meeting, this committee was approved to become part of the several standing committees of the Village Council. There are still more funds to raise (currently need $2321 to erase the deficit borrowed).  If you are interested in being part of this effort, please send your checks payable to Port Ludlow Holiday Lights Fund to PLVC. P O Box 65012, Port Ludlow WA 98365.  All donations are tax-deductible.