• Phil Otness



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This committee is very involved in the general well-being of our Marina and Ludlow Bay. When the 5mph sign aged and fell off of the dolphin at the entrance to the bay, it was this committee that contacted the Coast Guard to set in motion the process to have the sign replaced. When boats overstay their visit without payment, this committee is out on the water to provide a gentle reminder to pay up or shove off.  There are times a boat may actually be abandoned, and again, the Maritime committee provides the necessary information to the Harbormaster.  Of course, it’s a busier committee in the summer months, when the weather’s the best and more boats are out and about.

January 2013: Phil Otness reported that there is an opportunity as part of the monies from the Bangor Pier Expansion Mitigation to have creosote pilings removed from the bay.  A general discussion of the prospect, pros and cons took place at the PLVC’s January 3 General Meeting. Several residents attended the meeting to express their opinions on this project.

The subject first came before the PLVC in 2010.  At that time, there was community opposition to the removal of the piers as there appeared to be no scientific evidence that the pilings represented a clear and present danger to the community.  There is a litany of articles on the subject contained in the PLVC archives at http//

Representatives from the Washington State Department of Natural Resources (DNR) also attended the January Meeting.  They reported that due to a new state law, the protection of the shores & waters of the Puget Sound mandate the removal of these creosote pilings. They plan to have them removed during the summer of 2013.

UPDATE:  Pilings in Ludlow Bay were removed November 9-12, 2013.