Thursday, February 4, 2016
3:00pm at the Bay Club

Additional Items may be added to agenda prior to meeting

  1. Declaration of a Quorum
  2. Notification of Meeting is being recorded and protocol of meeting (Rules of Comments)
  3. Selection and Election of Secretary, Motion Requested
  4. Member Comments two (2) minutes each
  5. Amendments and Adoption of the Agenda
  6. Correspondence, Mr. Nilssen
  7. Jefferson County Commissioner Report, Ms. Kler
  8. DCD Report, Mr. Johnson
  9. PLA Developer Report, Ms. Smeland
  10. LMC Report, President Racki
  11. SBCA Report, President Skinner
  12. Action Items
    a.     Approval of January 1, 2016, Directors Meeting Minutes
    b.     Treasurer – Approval of December 2015, Financial Report, Ms. Haskin
    c.     Telephone Directory Revision, Mr. McDearmid
  13. Staff and Committee Reports
    a.     Insurance, Ms. Haskin
    b.     Community Development, Mr. Nobles & Mr. Umbreit
    c.     Disaster Preparedness, Mr. Dean & Mr., Stern
    d.     Tree Harvest Mediation, Mr. Dean
    e.     Other Business
  14. Member Comments (two (2) minutes each)
  15. Workshop: February 16, 2016 @ 3:00 pm – Bay Club
  16. Adjournment