Other Traffic Safety & Remediation Programs in Our Area

Port Ludlow is not alone. In recent years Quilcene (Jefferson County) and Hansville (Kitsap County) have experienced similar traffic safety concerns — excessive speeding being the most significant among them — and addressed them through detailed studies and remediation programs. Comprehensive reports of those programs can be reviewed by clicking on the links below:

As you can see, many of the safety issues we face in Port Ludlow are similar to those in neighboring communities. Indeed, a number of the recommendations for remediation in Quilcene and Hansville may also be pertinent and practical in resolving our local challenges.

During the next few weeks and months, the PLVC ROADWAY SAFETY committee hopes to identify areas of greatest concern and develop a remediation program in collaboration with Jefferson County. In early 2017 we plan to present a draft of our findings and recommendations to Port Ludlow residents, seeking final inputs to the program before submission to Jefferson County for implementation.

Your participation in upcoming forums is strongly encouraged. Please help us achieve our mission to make Port Ludlow’s streets, roads, walkways and trails safer for us all.