Wednesday, January 25, 10am – Bay Club

A Settlement Agreement to resolve a dispute between Jefferson County and Port Ludlow Associates over timber harvesting done by PLA in early 2015 within the Port Ludlow Master Planned Resort was signed by the County and PLA on December 19. How does that agreement affect our community?

The PLVC invites all members of the Port Ludlow community to an informational meeting about the settlement agreement. The meeting will be held on Wednesday, January 25, at 10 a.m. in the Bay Club. Senior officials of both the County and PLA will be in attendance.

The settlement agreement addresses not only the timber harvesting that was done in 2015 but also what harvesting will or will not be allowed in the future in three major categories of forested land owned by PLA within the MPR: (1) areas zoned as “open space reserve,” (2) areas zoned for future residential development for which preliminary or final plats have already been approved by the County, and (3) areas zoned for future residential development for which no plat approvals have been obtained yet. PLA will describe how it plans to implement the agreement for those three categories of land, and the County will describe how it plans to monitor PLA’s activities. Members of the audience will be given an opportunity to ask questions about these subjects.

The purpose of the meeting is not to renegotiate the settlement, nor to get into the details of the why’s and wherefore’s of how the agreement was arrived at. The purpose of the meeting is to explain what the agreement provides and how the County and PLA plan to go forward in implementing it.

Here are links to the settlement agreement [link] and to the county’s press release about the settlement [link].

Please put this important meeting on your schedule and feel free to bring to the meeting any questions you may have about the settlement. We look forward to seeing you on January 25th.