• Allan Kiesler


  • Mike Nilssen, LMC
  • Dick Meryhew, SBCA
  • Doug Huber, TRAILS
  • Sally Franzel, Community Member at Large
  • John Sweet, Community Member at Large

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The Ad Hoc Committee shall serve in an advisory capacity to the PLVC Board of Directors on matters relating to traffic and pedestrian safety along roadways within the Port Ludlow Master Planned Resort (MPR).


Serve as a unifying force in the community, serving all citizens of Port Ludlow.

Generate a consensus among PLVC, SBCA, LMC and Port Ludlow residents in support of a community-wide resolution to traffic and pedestrian safety issues.

Engage (survey) Port Ludlow residents to determine critical issues and needs within the MPR.

Obtain preliminary and ongoing input from Jefferson County relative to options and costs of various alternatives.

Develop a comprehensive program to include options for speed control along Port Ludlow roadways, plus community-wide communications, driver/pedestrian education program, fund-raising campaign (if needed), on-road awareness, enforcement as necessary.

Report to PLVC, SBCA and LMC at respective monthly meetings regarding status of investigation and recommendations relative to the purpose of the Committee.

After Committee recommendations are approved, submit final proposal to Jefferson County and/or other governmental agencies for implementation.

Provide ongoing follow-up to ensure timely and full implementation.


The ad hoc Committee shall consist of eight (8) members representing Port Ludlow governing bodies, plus community members at large. The Committee Chair shall be appointed by the PLVC Board. The Committee Chair shall select and direct all ad hoc members. All committee members shall be approved by the PLVC Board.


The Committee shall meet on a schedule determined by the scope of work. Meetings shall be public, unless an Executive Session is necessary due to the legal/confidential nature of topics to be discussed.