If you are concerned about vehicle, pedestrian and bicycle safety in and around Port Ludlow and wish to express your views, you are cordially invited to attend public forums sponsored by the Port Ludlow Village Council (PLVC).
Officials from Jefferson County Public Works and the Sheriff’s Department will be in attendance.
Our mission is to work in concert with the County to find affordable and effective solutions to speeding issues in Port Ludlow without interfering with the legal flow of traffic through our community.
Our goal is to gather the inputs of Port Ludlow residents (drivers, walkers/hikers and bicyclists) and develop a community-wide proposal that will be submitted to Jefferson County Public Works for implementation.
Because North Bay and South Bay roadway conditions and safety issues vary, we are hosting two forums and will incorporate the needs of each area into our proposal to the County. North Bay residents are invited to participate in the forum at the Beach Club. South Bay residents will meet at the Bay Club.
Not able to attend the forum in your area? Please feel free to join us at the other location. All experiences, ideas and opinions are welcome.
  • North Bay Forum at the Beach Club: Tuesday, November 1 from 2 to 4 PM
  • South Bay Forum at the Bay Club: Wednesday, November 9 from 2 to 4 PM


If you are not able to attend either forum, please email your comments to Steve Frenzl at sjfrenzl(at)gmail.com