Trails and Trails Stewards;

We’ve done our first growth maintenance of the year which means the following trails have been mown: Timberton, Niblicks, Olympic Terrace, Dunsmuir Cut, Picnic Point and the ABT 26-28. There is still the weed whacking to do in tighter quarters but that will come too. We want to thank you stewards for cutting back those errant blackberries that grow so quickly this time of year and also offer you lots of opportunities to take out any aggression you may have on any of those trail-leaning salmon berries too (if you’re so inclined). Again, thanks for all your help.

Note: We have jumped through the final hoop and now have full approval to build the Osprey Trail. It’s been a long process but we think it will be worth it in the end. We also have the DNR connectors to build (when the adjacent logging is completed) so it could be a great year to come out for a few hours and get some bragging rights as a trail builder. The calls for crews could start soon when a few other distractions are out of the way; so look for your chance then.

Let’s keep improving our trails,

Larry Scott