By reviewing additional old records, the PLVC has found documentation that any funds not used will be returned on a prorata basis.” The records are incomplete regarding the list of donors. We have some indications in the PLVC Minutes, some envelopes with amounts written on them and some recollections from directors at the time.

The funds not used total $3,645 of the $52,700 that was contributed. That means that the amount to be returned would be 6.92% of the amount contributed. Said another way, if someone had contributed $100, they would now be eligible to receive a $6.92 refund.

PLVC will be happy to refund monies based on this calculation. If you would like a refund, please contact us by clicking HERE. We will research what records we do have or will ask that you provide some documentation of your contribution. Documentation does not need to be a cancelled check or anything overly formal, but a listing from a check register or something similar.

If you do not advise us by March 15, 2017, that you would desire a refund, we will be consolidating the remaining balance into operating funds of PLVC which will be used in fulfillment of our mission to be a unifying force within the Community.

Yours truly,
Bill Dean, President